Create Facebook Application / App ID | Link Existing Page to Facebook App

In this tutorial we will generate a Facebook app ID by creating a Facebook application for our Blogger blog. The Facebook application ID will be unique for the Blogger. In this post, we will also connect our Facebook fan page, and the blog with a unique Facebook application. Facebook developer website has got a new look in 2014 which has better UI, but we have found a questions on many forums that how can you connect your existing Facebook page with the newly created Facebook app? In the new UI, once you create an application on Facebook then you have to create a new page as mentioned in the app option. We will also discuss on this issue that how can you link your existing Facebook fan page with the Facebook app, and how can you find your Facebook application ID. Therefore, here is a quick guide to create a Facebook application.
create facebook app and find id
Create Facebook App/ID | Link Existing Page with App
Let's talk about the advantage to use the Facebook app for your Blogger.


How To Know Who Unfriended or Blocked Me on Facebook

Who unfriends me or blocked me on Facebook
Know Who Unfriend/Blocked You
Do you want to know that who blocked or unfriended you on Facebook? Some days ago, I have share an article that how can you blocked any users or applications on Facebook that bother you. It really hurts when someone blocked or unfriend you without any reason. You will never get any notification for such activity happens on your Facebook account. Therefore, is there any method to track who unfreind me or blocked me? Yes, you are in the right place. We are sharing a cool trick by which you can easily track that which friend has blocked you or unfriend you on Facebook. There is no doubt that your Facebook account popularity is totally depend upon the counting of your friends, but it really hurts when someone has blocked you, and even you don't track the friend that who blocked you. Therefore, here is a quick guide to know who unfriended you or blocked you on Facebook.

Connect / Open Multiple Facebook Accounts on Firefox / Chrome Browsers

Open Two Facebook Accounts at a Time
Do you have more than one Facebook account? If yes, you probably noticed that you can not login to more than one account at a time. This post will guide you to open and connect your multiple Facebook accounts within a browser at a time. Some of my friends running more than one account, and they know that I am  a writer of how-to guides on Facebook so that is why they want to know that how can they use another Facebook account without sign-out the existing account. Therefore, here is a quick guide to open multiple Facebook accounts on Firefox or Chrome.

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