How to Submit Disavow File to Google Webmaster Tools

Have you created your disavow file? If not, you should go to my previous post to read more about disavow file and how to create it. Once your disavow file is ready, you may submit it to your Google webmaster tools to notify Google not to consider these links for any algorithm. You can only submit your disavow file for a particular website only if you have verified that website with Google webmaster tools.

submit your disavow file to gmt


What is Disavow File? How to Create a Disavow File?

Here I will discuss about disavow file in brief description. Doesn't matter you have a popular blog or not, you are a Blogger or you have a business website, you should be familiar with SEO terms to stay away from any penalties to your site. Disavow file now is an element of SEO. However, if you have a budget you may hire some SEO companies to handle all the things for your brand website, but if you are a blogger like me or you don't want to pay any amount of money you must be familiar with SEO because Google has decided to fight with web spam by their automatic algorithm updates. If Google found any type of negative SEO pointing to your blogs or websites, you would not get higher ranking in search engine because of the automatic penalties.

a guide to create a disavow file


Identifying Unnatural or Bad Links toward your Websites or Blogs

Do you want to remove unnatural or bad backlinks pointing to your site? The first step is to find and identify the backlinks. This post will guide you to analyze your backlinks and which types of links can harm to your website rankings. If you want your business to be online for a long time, you should make a schedule to track your backlinks in monthly or half yearly basis. If you can't do it by yourself, you may hire a SEO company but it would be costly. If you are not aware about your backlinks, your website or blog would always be in question for Penguin. Once you identify an unnatural link towards your site, include it into disavow file (If you don't know about disavow, here is a quick guide to create your Disavow file). Once you have updated/created the file, you can re-submit/submit disavow file in Google Webmaster Tools.

identify the bad backlinks

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