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If you don't have a Facebook page for your business or blog, may be it's your biggest mistake. Facebook is a leader in Social Media and networking where almost everyone in, they can be your audience or customers. Big brands have picked up the trend and they clearly know that the friendly behavior is everything in this world. There are many ways to get feedback, for a product you have launched, from your customers or audience that is totally depend upon you. How many ways have you opened to interact with your customers or audience. One of the best way is to create a business page for your business. If you have a blog, I would also recommend you to create a Facebook page for your Blog.

how to create a facebook page


Create Facebook License Card | FB Driving License Maker

Do you have Driving License card for driving your car or bike? It's time to create driving license for your Facebook account via FB license maker. Don't take it seriously, it is just for fun to having a Facebook license card similar as your Facebook ID card. We are all regular visitors on Facebook, and always want to try something new to share with our friends. Some days back, I have shared a cool trick by which you can easily write upside down text in your Facebook status update. One more article that you may be interested in, find out who blocked me on Facebook. Therefore, here is a quick and easy guide to generate Facebook license card.

Facebook Driving License Maker

Add Nickname/Maiden Name in Bracket in Facebook Profile

One of my friend has asked me that how can she add a nickname into her Facebook profile which can be shown in the bracket near her name? I think, it is a common question for majority of persons that is why we are creating a now post regarding to add and display your nickname in your Facebook timeline. It is an inbuilt function inside your Facebook profile settings that will let you display your nickname, maiden name, alternate spelling, married name, father's name, birth name, farmer name, name with title and other. You might also display your name in your local language too as a nickname into your Facebook profile. You may check out my Facebook profile, I have added my name in Hindi as a nickname in my profile. You may use Google translation to convert your name into your local language, and copy-paste the text into the desire field as I will mention in the following step. Therefore, here is a quick and easy guide to add nickname as bracket near your name in Facebook profile.

add maiden name in bracket on Facebook timeline
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