View Full Size Facebook Photos in Newsfeed without Clicking on it!

Today, I am going to show you an awesome technique to view photos on Facebook newsfeed. We are all known that the photos are the best way to speak thousand of words, and we are generally using it. Do you know how many photos are being shared on Facebook? Around 40% status updates contain photos on Facebook that is why when you look at on your newsfeed, you'll also get the most status updates containing photos.
full size facebook photos on newsfeed
View Full Size Facebook Photos on News Feed Without Click
Each time we find image on the newsfeed, we've to click on it to see the full size image. Think how many images you look on the newsfeed, and how many times you'd like to click on it. I think it is time consuming. Here is a best way to view the newsfeed images without the click or by hovering the mouse (Just move your cursor on the image) on the images, you'd be able to see the full size image as a pop near the photo.

Embed Facebook Videos, Photos and Status Updates to Blogger/Blogs

how to embed any facebook videos in blogs
Embed Facebook Posts on Blogger
Facebook is now allowing you to embed public videos, photos and status updates onto your blogs. You can embed the Facebook posts onto any blogs where you can write in HTML source, so obvious you can use it on Blogger and WordPress. We have already talked about to embed Twitter tweets onto your Blogs. We often use Facebook to connect with our valuable friends, and we found many interesting videos, photos and status updates shared by our friends which we want to share on our blogs. Facebook now offers you the official embed code to show off Facebook status updates on your blogs. In this post, we will also tell you the advantages to embed the Facebook posts, what types of post can be embed and who can embed your post in the following ways. Therefore, here is how to embed Facebook videos, photos and status updates.


Automatic Post Facebook Status Updates to Tweet on Twitter

Do you want to post automatic your Facebook status updates to your Twitter account? If yes, this post is specially for you. By applying this method, you can now automatically tweet what you updates on your Facebook account. This is an inbuilt feature of Facebook by which you can automatic tweet your Facebook shared status update, photos, videos, links, notes or events. You have also an option to tweet from your Facebook fan pages. Twitter is also a most popular social media site. If you are a brand, small business owner or trade anything then you must to use Twitter account. By the Twitter account, you can get the news of the market or your best celebrity's activities even in seconds if they update.
share your facebook status update to twitter
Share Your Facebook Status Updates to Twitter Account.
Yes I know, it is very time consuming task to operate both accounts specially if you have something new, and you want to share it with your friends, fans and your followers. The best way to do it that link your Twitter account on Facebook, and granted the permission to Facebook that post on your Twitter account. It can save your valuable time too.
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