Create Your Look Back Story 'Movie' on Facebook & Share with Friends

Do you want to create your look back story on Facebook? If yes, here is a quick guide by which you can easily create your own look back story like recently trending say thanks story over Facebook. Look back story is basically stand for highlighting you since your Facebook joining. The look back story highlights you from your 5 years on Facebook. You will have various options while creating your look back story i.e., your first moment's pictures, most liked posts, uploaded photos and photo grids.

creating your look back story on facebook


Upload/Host JavaScript .JS files to Blogger for Unlimited Bandwidth

Host your JavaScript .js files to your Blogger blogs to take its maximum benefits. However, there are no official notification for hosting your JavaScript files to Blogger. You can either use external or internal JavaScript file for your Blogger, but if you are using external JavaScript files into your Blogger, loading time of your blog could be slow due to the additional HTTP requests. If you want to optimize your blog's loading time, one of the best way is to reduce the external HTTP requests from your site. Once you host your JavaScript files to Blogger itself you are reducing external HTTP requests. I recommend you, go to your Blogger source code and find out all the possible external JavaScript files, open it to new window, copy all the content that we will use to host the JavaScript into Blogger by the following method.

how to upload javascript file to blogger
Host/Upload JavaScript Files to Blogger


Add Custom Favicon In Blogger | Create Custom Favicon In Blogspot

Favicon is a small image of size 16x16 or 32x32 px which is used on the left side in the browser's address bar and it also appears in the browser tab as you can see it in the following image. Why should we use Favicon for Blogger? Answer, generally it gives a professional look to your Blogger blogs. You already bookmarked many blogs or websites in your browser, and let you want to open any bookmarked page then you will go to the bookmarked menu page and try to find out the bookmarked page, but if the bookmarked page has its own Favicon then you would find it easily that is also an advantage to use the favicon for Blogger. You may also hide your Blogger navigation bar to make your blog more pretty. I am already using a custom Favicon for this blog, you can see it live.

add favicon in blogger blogspot
Create Custom Favicon & add it to Blogger Blogs
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