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All material by BloggerTipsSEOTricks.com is copyrighted and you will need to observe these regulations when you plan to distribute or use any content in this blog. Please read the following carefully.

BloggerTipsSEOTricks.com uses screenshots for its audience to explain things for better explaination. BloggerTipsSEOTricks.com mostly uses screenshots from Facebook, Google and Blogger. All the icons and logo are registered trademarks. i.e.,
* Google, Google+, Blogger, YouTube all other Google's products including logos are registered trademarks of Google Inc.
* Facebook and Facebook logo are registered trademarks of Facebook Inc.

BloggerTipsSEOTricks.com uses featured images in few posts from http://pixabay.com. These are public domain images. If you are the original photographer of the image, and have any issue, you may contact us.

If you found any content that infringing your copyright, you may contact us along with the URL of your original work.

Copyright Regulations for Content on BloggerTipsSEOTricks.com

You are free to share, distribute or transmit any work on this blog under the following conditions:

  • Attribution. You must attribute the content that you’ve used by prominently displaying a credit link back to the specific article page. The credit link used should point to the article page and not just BloggerTipsSEOTricks.com’s homepage.  
  •  Contend Usage Limit. You are not allowed to republish an ENTIRE article or blog post on your website or print publication even if attribution is made. Only excerpts of 150 words or less from each article can be published elsewhere. An attribution link to the specific article must be included even if you use an excerpt.
  • Noncommercial Usage. You may not use this work for commercial purposes unless given pre-authorization. Content on BloggerTipsSEOTricks.com cannot be packaged and sold to anyone nor can it be used in its entirety as a free gift or bonus for a commercial product.
If you want to syndicate or distribute the full article on your website, please contact us for permission. Permission must be granted before you do so.

What happens when you steal content from BloggerTipsSEOTricks.com?

You will only be given one warning. If It is unheeded, I will proceed to the following steps after I have gathered definite proof of your copyright violation:
  • I will report this copyright violation to your web hosting company and attempt to get all your websites suspended. If you switch to another company, I’ll report you as well. This has worked for me many times. 
  • I will report all copyright violations to all advertising networks you use, especially Adsense and even private advertisers. The goal here is to get you banned from all of them. This will really hurt your source of income online.
  • I will report your website as spam to all the search engines in order for you to be blacklisted. This will destroy your search rankings. It’s not worth it. 
  • I will let every social network or forum you are a member of know that you are a content thief. Say goodbye to your reputation.
While I understand & support the concept of fair use, you should know that I reserve all rights to content on BloggerTipsSEOTricks.com. Please do respect the copyright regulations listed. Play nice and you won’t get burned.

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