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blogger and seo technology
Blogger & SEO Technology, launched in 20 Oct, 2010. the main purpose of Blogger & SEO Technology is to help the peoples who want to become a successful blogger. For running a professional blogs what you need? just to know about SEO for your blogs such as creating manually quality backlinks, On Page and Off Page Optimization and some more factors in SEO and it will also help you if you know some knowledge about design your blogs as your need such as your navigation, sidebars and footer. So this blog guides you in SEO and blog tutorials to maintain your blogs as a professional.
      Social Media matters in SEO so we have added a brand media category facebook to Blogger & SEO Technology so that you can take advantages from your facebook account and growth your business.
So overall take the maximum advantage of this blog to reach to the next level of your blogs.

About Mohammad Shadab :-

mohammad shadab from blogger and seo technology
Mohammad Shadab belongs to Kanpur in India and holds a post graduation degree in Applied Mathematics from IIT and after completed his degree he never applied for getting the job because he want to become a next professional blogger in India. He knows the programming languages such as C, C++, CSS(Cascade Style Sheets), HTML and JavaScript. Since blogger themes are made by CSS/HTML so he can do anything with blogger themes if it is possible. He have been done many research in Search Engine Optimization(Specially in Google) on both sides as on page and off page optimization and emitted a structure for SEO.
You can follow him on twitter @shadabiitr and follow on facebook @bloggertipsseotricks and be my friend on Google+.
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