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Set Up Free Blogs | What is Blogging? Start Blogging!

So what is Blog and how to start blogging? We find these questions in various discussion forums, social media sites and messaging services. I have mostly faced these questions on our social media profiles by my friends and followers. Therefore, this post is specially to the beginners who want to know about blogging and how to set up free blogs. You may setup blogs as many as you want without any cost, and your friend can visit and read your blogs from any part of the world, where the internet exists. Before start a blog, you have to decide for which purpose you want to start a blog. You can start blogging to write anything, such as your poetry, news on your favorite games, computer tips (If you are a computer's geek), tips and tricks in which you are expert for, and whatever interest you wish to write for. Before do anything or set up free blog, we would like to suggest you to read the following definitions:

how to setup a free blog


How to Add In-article Native Adsense ads in Blogger & WordPress Post

Have you heard about native ads? In-article ad is one of the best native ads inside Google adsense. If you want to view a live preview of in-article ads in Blogger posts, go to this link and look after the two paragraph. In-article ads are responsive so it is already optimize for desktop and smartphone users. I have seen positive impact on our adsense earning after implementing article ads in my blogger posts. Since, In-article ads are responsive and take the full width of your post container contained in the main content, the bidding rate from the advertisers will be high and you will get the best eCPM and CPC. Google adsense recommends you should add In-article ads after the two paragraph of the content which is also a proper place to add it. You may add this ad after the first paragraph of your content if you have sufficient content in to your first paragraph.

how to add in article ad in blogger


How to Compress Image Size without Losing Quality

Do you want to compress or optimize your image's size without losing quality for your WordPress or Blogger posts? If yes, this post is specially for you to reduce your bandwidth and unwanted loading time. An image can express thousand of words at a time, you should use it. Using many images into your blog post may negatively impact on your page loading time due to the heavy image sizes. However, you can compress your image size with slightly changes in the image quality.  Therefore, here is a simple solution to compress image size without losing image quality. In addition, the compressed images can also help you to improve your SEO rankings.
The minimum loading time your WebPages have, the better ranking you will get.
compress image size without losing quality
Image Compressor for WordPress and Blogger

How to Add Onclick Smoking Effect on Blogger

Recently I have shared a cool Blogger widget for New Year using rocket firework decoration. I hope you liked it. If you don't have use this cool widget you may try it. In this post, I am sharing a cool mouse effect for your Blogger blog. Whenever your visitors will click on your post they will see a cool smoking effect, you can see a live preview of this onclick smoking effect in this page. If you like the smoke effect, you can use it on your Blogger blog. It will also give you a cool smoke effect when your visitors select any text over your Blogger posts. I hope you will like this Blogger widget. Therefore, here is a cool smoking effect widget for Blogger.

how to add smoke effect on blogger
Smoking Effect Widget for Blogger

Add Happy New Year 2017 Widget/Fireworks Decoration to Blogger

Hello to all of my readers and visitors of this blog. Wish you a very very Happy New Year 2017!! Hope you get what you want, and achieve your goal what you dream. Today, I am going to show you a cool widget for Blogger to show a New Year 2017 message to all of your visitors by the firework decoration using JavaScript. You can see a live preview for the firework decoration widget in this page. If you like it, you can add it to your Blogger blog to show a New Year 2017 celebration with your blog readers. You can use it in very easy way just copy and paste task with the following steps. Therefore, here is a simple way to add New Year 2017 widget/firework decoration on Blogger.
Recommended: Add Onclick Smoke Effect on Blogger

add new year 2017 widget for blogger

SEO Pack For Blogger | Best "Search Preferences" Settings for SEO

If you have ever used WordPress then I am sure you will be familiar with plugins such as "All in One SEO Pack" and "SEO by Yoast". Just you have to install one of these plugin into your WordPress blog, your blog will become SEO friendly. The most advantage of these plugins are writing SEO friendly content, creating different descriptions for each post, and also you can edit your robots.txt file. In Blogger, there were no options to do it earlier. Later, Google has decided to take Blogger more SEO friendly, and launched some features via "customize your search preferences" into the Blogger dashboard by which you can write different description for each post directly from your post editor. Other than search preferences, you can also make your blogger post more SEO friendly by using the extra features such as making your Blogger images SEO friendly you should use "alt" and "title" tags for your images and rel attribute to choose whether you want to make your external links nofollow or dofollow directly from your post editor. With the launch of SEO pack, Blogger has also added few functionality to dashboard by which you can now set "404 pages not found" message to your visitors. You can also redirect your broken links to any of the internal links of your blog inside your blogger dashboard. When you combine the entire feature I mentioned above, it will become as a SEO pack for Blogger. Therefore, here is how to make Blogger SEO friendly via Blogger SEO Pack.

seo pack for blogger and robots.txt files

How to Add Adsense Page-level ads in Blogger

According to Google, page level ads are new and innovative way to monetize publisher's content. You can read more about the new page level ads by visiting above mentioned link. Similar as general adsense ads, you just need to place the same piece of ad code once in your page where you want to show page level ads. Adsense will automatically show the page level ads at optimal times when they are likely to perform well. Keep in mind, page level ads are mobile ads so it will only display to your mobile users and they don't count towards your three ads per page limit. Currently adsense offers two types of page level ads.
how to add page level ads in blogger

How to create HTML List | Unordered/Ordered/Definition Lists

In this post, I will explain how you can create ordered, unordered or definition lists using HTML. You will also learn how you can merge ordered list into unordered list or vice-versa. Ordered or unordered lists are useful to sort out the things into separate lines over the webpage or on the paper. The HTML tag for unordered list is <ul> and the HTML tag for ordered list is <ol>. In both lists, each list item will be start with <li> tag. Let us give you an example.

how to create a HTML list

Find Free Images for Blog/Commercial Business without Watermark

Finding free images for your blog are always very time-consuming task. You can not use images that you get with Google image search for your commercial work, if you doing it, you are using someone else copyright work that may harm you and your business. If you have a blog, and you are using copyright images into your blog post, the owner can claim the copyrighted work to Google, hosting company and into the court. Your blog posts will be de-indexed from Google, your hosting company may delete the content or disabled your account. If you want to establish your business online for lifetime, you have to respect copyright work and be fair to be live fair.
how to find images for my blog for free!
However, there are several online sources by which you can find images for your blog for free, means without breaking your bank balance, these are the images either license under creative commons 0 (CC0) or public domains images that you can use even for your commercial work.
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Quick Tips for Doing the Most Excellent Blogging

Since last few years, blogging is proved to be a good communication medium to share your thoughts, opinions, knowledge and experiences to those who can be benefited by such sharing. Blogging is widely used by all generations to reach maximum people and become popular among them. Blog is the ultimate way to express your knowledge and give opinion about the current affairs. There are some blogs that are not becoming widely accepted or not followed by as many people as expected due to lack of knowledge about blogging. Here are some tips which if followed can deliver a good blog post and can attract many of the followers as expected.

how to guide for blogging
Tips for Doing the Better Blogging

Google Web Fonts to Blogger : How to Use/Add

Do you want to use different fonts for your blog? The perfect solution is to use Google web fonts. Google font library is a great source of web fonts used by web developers and designers. Google web fonts are also free of cost so you can use it for your personal or commercial blogs. There are millions of blogs on the web and everyone want the uniqueness of their blog including this blog. You can differentiate your blog with other blogs with as many little things like CSS style, design, functionality, images and font styles. In this post, I am talking about web fonts. You can also use web fonts to differentiate your blog with the crowd. You have many ways to choose different font style in Google web font library that you can use in your Blogger blogs. Therefore, here is a simple guide to use Google web fonts in Blogger.

use Google fonts in Blogger
More Blogger Tips:

Using Google Drive to Host JavaScript & CSS Files for Free!

In this guide, we will show you to host your JavaScript and CSS files into Google Drive for free. If you have a limited storage in your server or have a limited bandwidth, you can use your free Google drive account to take its unlimited bandwidth advantage. You will get 15 GB free storage to share across Google drive, Gmail and photos. Hosting external scripts or CSS files in Google drive are not difficult, just you have to find out the direct link of your files which is a tricky one as Google drive doesn't allow you to show the direct link. Once you get the direct link, you can easily add these external files into your blog's HTML source.

how to get direct link from Google drive of hosted files

How to Create a HTML Sitemap Page in Blogger : Responsive

Should you create a HTML sitemap into your Blogger? Every blog should have at-least one page by which you can navigate to all of your blog posts. Therefore, yes you must create a HTML sitemap into your Blogger. In this post, I will share a cool method to create a responsive sitemap page for your blogger with cool design features. HTML sitemap doesn't only help your visitors to look over your blog at a glance it can help to crawl and index your blog pages faster. Adding Sitemap page in WordPress is so easier than Blogger with the help of tons of plugins, in Blogger, you need to manually add the sitemap widget. Adding this sitemap widget to your blogger is also easier. Just you have to copy the following code, and paste it to your Blogger page and done! Therefore, here is a simple guide to create a HTML responsive sitemap to Blogger.
Live Demo: Blogger Sitemap
how to add html sitemap widget in blogger

Open All External Links or/and Internal Links in New Tab: Blogger

Do you want your visitors stay on your site for a long time? Read more articles instead of just one page? An easy solution is to create target="_blank" to each of your external links so that when a user clicks on your external links your webpage remains open while the external links open in the new tab. To do it, you have only two options either you can create it manually, including target='_blank' in each external link's html tags, or you can create it automatically by using the following script in your blogger. The following script will add target='_blank' to all of your external links automatically that means all the external links will now open in a new tab in your blogger blogs. I have also included the parts by which you can make a rule to open all of your internal links or both links (internal and external) in new tab. Let's talk about the advantage when using all the external links to open in new tab.

how to open external links automatically in new tabs

Enabling HTTPS in Blogger? Think Twice for SEO Disadvantages

Do you want to enable HTTPS integration to your BlogSpot domain? If yes, you must read this article before switching over HTTPS from HTTP in your Blogger sub-domain. Yes, I know you have heard that HTTPS is now a ranking signal that can boost your rank slightly. I have taken a look on HTTPS enabled blogspot blog, and found major SEO disadvantages that you must know before applying it on your sub-domain. Enabling HTTPS for your blog cannot be a bad thing for SEO, but due to the functionality Blogger provides in the current time is not suitable for better SEO, since recently Blogger has announced HTTPS support for Blogger. Google is yet to announce HTTPS support for custom domains, currently it is only available for blogspot sub-domains. I will suggest you to wait for announcing it for custom domains, and some basic functionality to be working fine. I will update this article as the things going to perfect for the blogspot users. You may subscribe our newsletter or simply like us on Facebook to update with the latest news on Blogger. In this article, we will talk about the major issues if you enable HTTPS support in Blogger. Before turning on this feature, you should wait for fixing the issue by Google.

Blogger HTTPS Support and SEO Disadvantes

Change Image on Mouseover (CSS): Create Rollover Image Effect in Blogs

Changing image on mouseover is used to make your site more attractive for your readers. You have to use two images for creating a rollover image. The image you are normally display on your blogs, let it says primary image. Now, we want another image that will be display when a user hover the mouse on the primary image, let it says secondary image. Basically a rollover image is a secondary image that can be view by hovering your mouse on the primary image. When a page loads, all the secondary images using in the document will be loaded completely so when you hover your mouse on the primary image, you'll view roll over image instantly without further loading. You can use two different images or slightly different images change in colors only (used for social media share buttons) for creating rollover image effect. You can also use rollover image effect to show the price of the product as secondary image, and the product image as primary image.

Checkout the live demo by the following image. Hover your mouse on the following image to view secondary image.


How to Add Animated Flying Twitter Bird Widget to Blogger

Do you want to add flying Twitter bird widget to your Blogger? If yes, this post is specially for you. Twitter is one of the most popular social networks by which we can drive decent traffic to our blog. The more active followers you have the more traffic you'll receive from Twitter. Therefore, you should also try to improve your Twitter followers. The best way to promote your Twitter profile is to add Twitter widgets to your own blog. There are many types of Twitter widgets available, but animated flying Twitter bird widget is different from all of them because it gives more attention to the Twitter promotion due to its animation. In returns, you'll get more tweets and Twitter followers.

add animated flying twitter bird to blogger

Make Responsive Images in Blogger Post/Sidebar using CSS3

Have you a Blogger blog? If yes, are you using responsive images into your Blogger posts? If no, read this post to make any image from your Blogger post, sidebar or footer into responsive image. If you are using a responsive Blogger template, your images inside the Blogger posts would likely to have responsive image. If you are using Blogger default template or non-responsive template then you should also make your images responsive. We have seen many bloggers using default template which is not responsive having few images that are bigger than the post container width, and images overlapped its post container. That's why responsive images are also better for non-responsive templates too. Let you have a fixed width of your post container assuming 600px, and if you upload an image of 700px then this image will show from outside of your post container which is not a better user experience for your readers. Instead of it, you can make your images responsive inside your post container that will scale your 700px image into your 600px fixed post container. Therefore, here is a quick guide to make images into responsive images in your Blogger blog.

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how to add responsive images in Blogger

Auto Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn when Publish Post from Blog

Are you a Blogger? You're often use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to post your blog's article. However, posting the same content on different social media sites is time consuming. Here is a new service for you by which you can save a lot of time that will let's you publish your article on your blog, and it will be auto posted to Facebook wall or page, Twitter, LinkedIn profile or business page. It will also auto detect your post title, description and the featured image. Make sure, you are using open graph meta tags into your blog. If you frequently tweet your posts I would recommend you to use Twitter summary meta tags into your Blogger. Auto post into social media also has a function to filter your posts with the keywords so you can set or not to set your post to be published according to the keywords including in your post title or description. You can also share your posts to multiple social accounts from here such as to multiple Twitter accounts or multiple Facebook accounts. Therefore, here is a quick guide auto post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from blogs.
automatically post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Responsive Embed YouTube, Dailymotion & Vimeo Videos in Blogs

Do you want to embed your YouTube videos responsively in your blog? If yes, welcome to this page. I will use some CSS3 syntax to make any video responsive wrapped with an iframe. Therefore, the same CSS code will also work for your Dailymotion and Vimeo videos to make it responsive on your blog post. Using video in your blog post is always a thumb up vote by your audience but due to the different types of devices you should also consider better user interface of your blog. The best way is to use responsive design, and use everything responsive as possible to deliver better UI of your blog. For example, you can use social share buttons inside blog post responsive and responsive Facebook fan page like box. Therefore, here is a quick guide to responsive embedded YouTube, Dailymotion & Videos.

how to embed responsively youtube videos in blogger
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