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Track your Unusual Facebook Login Activity and Secure it!

Do you want to track the history when & where you have signed into Facebook? This post will guide you to view any unusual activity in your Facebook account and how you can secure it. Facebook now becomes a common social network that is used by most users. Therefore, you should concern about your privacy on Facebook account.

how to view unusual facebook login activies


Hide/Delete your Facebook Search History on Desktop & Android Mobile

Have you searched in your Facebook account? If yes, you probably view the search history as suggestions whenever you search something next time. Your search history can be viewable to someone standing beside you, and they can easily track that what you have searched for. Do you want to delete your Facebook search history from the suggestions? This post will guide you in easy steps. However, deleting your Facebook search history is not a difficult task. Just follow the step by step guide.
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how to hide search history on facebook

Prevent/Stop Friends from Posting on your Facebook Timeline

Facebook is now another world to connect with your family and friends. You can easily follow the activities of your each Facebook connections. You can have multiple options to get attention from your Facebook friends by chatting, commenting, poke or posting on their Facebook timeline page. If you are posting on your Facebook friends then it might be visible to your friend's connection as it depends upon the timeline privacy of your friend. Similarly, if your friends posted on your Facebook timeline then it might be visible to everyone when you don't make any changes to your timeline privacy.

stop friends posting on your timeline
Stop or Prevent Friends for posting on your Facebook timeline

I know that if someone from your friend list posted content on your Facebook timeline that actually you are not interested in, can be annoying or upsetting to you. To solve this issue, you can do possibly 'open' posting on your timeline feature on for all of your Facebook connection or off for all of your connection. Therefore, here is a quick guide to stop Facebook friends from posting on your Facebook timeline.


Facebook Tips and Tricks : Latest Top 2015

In this guide we are discussing about latest Facebook tips and tricks. We regularly get emails from our visitors for 'how to' guide on Facebook. They are more interested to know about Facebook tips and tricks than other categories listed on our blog. Therefore, we have decided to write a single post in which you can find the latest Facebook tutorials at a glance. Everyone who are using internet knows Facebook very well. You should know the basic of Facebook terms and privacy by going to the official website. Here in this blog, we write about the Facebook tutorials with step by step guide that we think are difficult for the most Facebook users. Therefore, here is a list of latest Facebook tips and tricks.

latest facebook tips and tricks
Top Latest Facebook Tips and Tricks


Read Older/Oldest or First Message on Facebook without Scrolling

This is a latest trick to view your friend's messages from oldest to newer series without scrolling over and over again. Facebook allows you to view your Facebook messages [Related: Read Facebook Messages without Showing Seen] from newest to older way. We all know that Facebook is live in almost everyone life. We can easily connect with our family, friends, relatives and others. Facebook is also offering free calling to your friends around the world. You can also chat with your connections without any limit. One of my friend ask me to find a way to read very first message without scrolling, specially if you have more than 50,000 messages. Therefore, here is a quick guide to view/read oldest Facebook friend's messages without scrolling.

read your first facebook messages without scrolling


How to Save Status Updates on Facebook News Feed to View it Later

Do you want to save anything on Facebook to view it later? Here is a simple tip provided by Facebook. Excluding this feature, when you view a post on your newsfeed, and also you are interested to read this story later, simply either you like the post or share the post on your timeline. After some days or week later, you want to view the same post, you have to track your likes via activity log which is totally a time consuming task as you have already liked other posts too. We are regularly check our news feed for the news updated by our friends, liked pages or groups, we may found some important link, videos and events that we would like to save it for further reading, watching and viewing. Now, you can save your news feed stories by Saved option on Facebook. You may view all the saved posts in a single place on Facebook. Therefore, here is how to save posts on Facebook to view it later.

how to save newsfeed stories on facebook


View Year in Review 2014 Story on Facebook for You & Your Friends Profile

Do you want to review your Facebook stories or your friend's Facebook stories published last year, 2014? You can now review your most famous last year status updates, on 2014, in a single place. In addition, you can also view the famous posts shared by your friends last year, 2014. You may have already heard about the previous stories that you can create for your Facebook profiles are say thanks to your friends and a look back story for you. Now, it turns to year in review story on Facebook. According to the Facebook, Your year in review is basically including your biggest moments, life events and popular posts. The story may also have the posts you are tagged in.

how to view your year in review story on facebook


Create Your Look Back Story 'Movie' on Facebook & Share with Friends

Do you want to create your look back story on Facebook? If yes, here is a quick guide by which you can easily create your own look back story like recently trending say thanks story over Facebook, and Year in Review Facebook stories. Look back story is basically stand for highlighting you since your Facebook joining. The look back story highlights you from your 5 years on Facebook. You will have various options while creating your look back story i.e., your first moment's pictures, most liked posts, uploaded photos and photo grids.

creating your look back story on facebook


How to Accept or Reject all Friend Requests on Facebook at Once

Do you want to accept or reject all the friend requests on your Facebook account? If yes, we will show you a simple guide through this post that will lets you accept or reject all the friend requests at once with a single click. Well we have already posted awesome posts on Facebook tutorials you may check it out i.e., showing your online status to specific friends,  sending friend requests without blocked and know who unfriended you on Facebook. When someone request a friend request to you, either you can accept or reject it, but if you have so many pending requests on your Facebook account then it would be very lengthy process to accept or reject those pending friend requests manually. Thanks to the geeks existence over internet they always try to make things possible. Now, you can accept or reject all the pending friend requests with a single click. Pending friend requests might have your real friends as well as strangers, then why do you need to accept or reject all your entire pending friend request?

how to accept all friend requests on facebook
Accept/Reject all Friend Requests on Facebook

Enable/Disable Allow/Disallow Facebook Subscribers | Facebook Subscriptions

Facebook offers you to allow or disallow subscribers for your public profile. You have to enable this feature from inside your Facebook profile settings, since it is disabled by default. Some months back, let you wanted to get updates from my public profile (from, Mohammad Shadab) into your newsfeed, it was impossible to get updates since you are not my friend. You could only get updates from your friends into your newsfeed. Now, Facebook subscriber feature comes to the picture, and you may get status updates from the persons who are not your friend, and allowed subscribers, by subscribed to them. Once you enable Facebook subscribers feature, everyone would be eligible for subscribe to your public profile. In this post, we will show you step by step guide to enable the Facebook subscriber feature. Let's see what is Facebook subscriber, and its feature, what are the benefits for enabling the Facebook subscribers feature? Who should enable subscriber feature? Let's talk about those questions in details.
allow Facebook subscribers or disallow
Allow Facebook Subscribers

Show Offline/Hide Online Status to Facebook Specific Friends & Lists

Do you want to hide your online status for specific friends or lists? Sometimes, we don't want to chat with specific friends or group of friends like Facebook list, but they can see our online status that leads the conversation, if you don't reply back they heart. The simple solution is hiding the online status for friend lists or specific friends. Facebook has upgraded their features for better user experience. Now, you have an option to show your online presence to specific friends on Facebook. In addition, you may create friend lists on Facebook, and easily you can select who can see your online status. As a Blogger, I have created lists for our readers, clients and friends. You may create your lists too. Showing your status online or offline required some clicks, but due to the beginner's guide, I am showing here a step by step guide. I have seen that when a user created a Facebook account, enjoying making friends with the real friends & strangers. They love to chat with everyone. As time goes by, and due to the busy schedule, it is impossible to talk with everyone who are in your friend lists. Do not respond to your friend is not a good thing. It is better to show off your online status to specific friends or friend list. Therefore, here is a quick guide to hide your online status from Facebook chat. Let's get started:

how to show offline status on facebook
Online / Offline Status on Facebook


Upside Down Flip Text Generator | Convert Text to Upside Down Rotate Text

¿ʇxǝʇ uʍop ǝpısdn ı ɯɐ
Do you also want to use upside down flip texts for social networking site? I have added a simple tool in the following post that will generate upside down flip text or rotated text according to your input. You can use the generated text anywhere including Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest, since they are UTF-8 compatible text. If you can write normal text, you can use upside down flip text. You can also use upside down flip text to compose the email in any email service provider such as, Gmail, Yahoo and Rediffmail. There is no doubt, if you try something different to your social network accounts, it means you will get more attention from your friends.

how to add upside down text in facebook status
Upside Down Flip Text for Social Media
Do you not get reply by friends? Use upside down text to get more attention while chatting on messengers like Facebook, Yahoo messenger or GTalk or GHangout. In short, the generated upside down flip texts are UTF-8 compatible. UTF-8 compatible texts can be copied. You can paste these texts to anywhere, where you can write normal text. Therefore, here is a quick tool to generate upside down flip text or rotate text for Facebook & Google+.

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How to Send Friend Request without Being Blocked on Facebook

Have you blocked on Facebook for sending friend requests? If yes, you have to wait till Facebook unblock you. Facebook has a new policy when a user sends so many friend requests on Facebook, they blocked them. If you aware from this policy, and also want to send requests on Facebook without being blocked on Facebook, here is the latest trick to send unlimited friend requests without being blocked. Let's tell you the basic of the Facebook policy that blocked you when you send so many friend requests. In addition, if you don't like the game requests sent by your friends, you can block application request send by your friends.

how to send friend requests without blocking on friend
Send Friend Requests on Facebook without Being Blocked

Create Facebook Application / App ID | Link Existing Page to Facebook App

In this tutorial we will generate a Facebook app ID by creating a Facebook application for our Blogger blog. The Facebook application ID will be unique for the Blogger. In this post, we will also connect our Facebook fan page, and the blog with a unique Facebook application. Facebook developer website has got a new look in 2014 which has better UI, but we have found a questions on many forums that how can you connect your existing Facebook page with the newly created Facebook app? In the new UI, once you create an application on Facebook then you have to create a new page as mentioned in the app option. We will also discuss on this issue that how can you link your existing Facebook fan page with the Facebook app, and how can you find your Facebook application ID. Therefore, here is a quick guide to create a Facebook application.
create facebook app and find id
Create Facebook App/ID | Link Existing Page with App
Let's talk about the advantage to use the Facebook app for your Blogger.


Find out Who Unfriended You / Blocked Me on Facebook

Do you want to find out that who blocked or unfriended you on Facebook? Some days ago, I have share an article that how can you blocked any user or application on Facebook that bothers you. It really hurts when someone blocked or unfriend you without any reason. You will never get any notification for such activity happens on your Facebook account. Therefore, is there any method to find out who unfriended me or blocked me on Facebook? Yes, you are in the right place. We are sharing a cool trick by which you can easily find out who actually unfriended you on Facebook even you can track who blocked you on Facebook. There is no doubt that your Facebook account popularity is totally depend upon your friends and followers, but it really hurts when someone has blocked you, and even you don't track the friend that who blocked you. Therefore, here is a quick guide to know who unfriended you or blocked you on Facebook.

Who unfriends me or blocked me on Facebook
Know Who Unfriend/Blocked You

Connect / Open Multiple Facebook Accounts on Firefox / Chrome Browsers

Do you have more than one Facebook account? If yes, you probably noticed that you can not login to more than one account at a time. This post will guide you to open and connect your multiple Facebook accounts within a browser at a time. Some of my friends running more than one account, and they know that I am  a writer of how-to guides on Facebook so that is why they want to know that how can they use another Facebook account without sign-out the existing account. Therefore, here is a quick guide to open multiple Facebook accounts on Firefox or Chrome.

Open Two Facebook Accounts at a Time

Change Facebook Color Theme from Default Blue to Your Own

Have you bored with the default blue color on Facebook? Do you want to change the color of your Facebook theme? If yes, welcome to Facebook tutorials blog. In this post, we will show you to change the default Facebook theme with your own choice colors. There are so many applications or websites on the web who promise to change the Facebook theme, but most of them are a virus. Once you installed them on your system they can read everything on your computer or the pages you visited. I would also recommend to all of our readers, don't trust on every third party applications or websites when you use Facebook authentications. Once you authenticate, read carefully that what they want to permit from you before clicking the allow button.
change your facebook color theme from default blue
Change the Facebook Theme Color from the Default Blue Color


View Full Size Facebook Photos in Newsfeed without Clicking on it!

Today, I am going to show you an awesome technique to view photos on Facebook newsfeed. We are all known that the photos are the best way to speak thousand of words, and we are generally using it. Do you know how many photos are being shared on Facebook? Around 40% status updates contain photos on Facebook that is why when you look at on your newsfeed, you'll also get the most status updates containing photos.
Each time we find image on the newsfeed, we've to click on it to see the full size image. Think how many images you look on the newsfeed, and how many times you'd like to click on it. I think it is time consuming. Here is a best way to view the newsfeed images without the click or by hovering the mouse (Just move your cursor on the image) on the images, you'd be able to see the full size image as a pop near the photo.

full size facebook photos on newsfeed
View Full Size Facebook Photos on News Feed Without Click

Embed Facebook Videos, Photos and Status Updates to Blogger/Blogs

Facebook is now allowing you to embed public videos, photos and status updates onto your blogs. You can embed the Facebook posts onto any blogs where you can write in HTML source, so obvious you can use it on Blogger and WordPress. We have already talked about to embed Twitter tweets onto your Blogs. We often use Facebook to connect with our valuable friends, and we found many interesting videos, photos and status updates shared by our friends which we want to share on our blogs. Facebook now offers you the official embed code to show off Facebook status updates on your blogs. In this post, we will also tell you the advantages to embed the Facebook posts, what types of post can be embed and who can embed your post in the following ways. Therefore, here is how to embed Facebook videos, photos and status updates.
how to embed any facebook videos in blogs
Embed Facebook Posts on Blogger

Automatic Post Facebook Status Updates to Tweet on Twitter

Do you want to post automatic your Facebook status updates to your Twitter account? If yes, this post is specially for you. By applying this method, you can now automatically tweet what you updates on your Facebook account. This is an inbuilt feature of Facebook by which you can automatic tweet your Facebook shared status update, photos, videos, links, notes or events. You have also an option to tweet from your Facebook fan pages. Twitter is also a most popular social media site. If you are a brand, small business owner or trade anything then you must to use Twitter account. By the Twitter account, you can get the news of the market or your best celebrity's activities even in seconds if they update.
share your facebook status update to twitter
Share Your Facebook Status Updates to Twitter Account.
Yes I know, it is very time consuming task to operate both accounts specially if you have something new, and you want to share it with your friends, fans and your followers. The best way to do it that link your Twitter account on Facebook, and granted the permission to Facebook that post on your Twitter account. It can save your valuable time too.
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