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Add Pinterest Pin Tab / Show Board Pins in Facebook Business Pages

Do you want to show your pins in your Facebook pages? Here is a simple guide for you by which you can add a clean and responsive Pinterest tab in your Facebook page. You can show your pins from newer to older way in your Facebook page from up to down. You can have also an option to show the pins associated with one of your Pinterest boards into your Pinterest tab. If you also want to add a Pinterest pin it button with counter to your Blogger blog, you can simply add it. I have already written dozens of articles about adding other social media tab into your Facebook pages such as YouTube channel tab, Twitter tab, Instagram tab and Google+ tab. Once you add Pinterest tab in your Facebook page, your fans can directly save your pins to their Pinterest boards, and also they can share it to their friends or followers. On the header of the Pinterest tab, your bio along with your Pinterest profile picture will be visible. You fans can follow you directly from your Facebook page. Therefore, here is a quick guide to add your Pinterest pins into your Facebook page. You may view a live preview of our Pinterest Tab in My Facebook Page. Like our page to get latest tips and tricks.

how to add pinterest tab in facebook page

Add Google Plus Tab to Facebook Pages | Google+ Tab on Facebook

Do you want to add Google+ Tab to your Facebook fan pages? In this guide, I will show you a step by step guide to install a Google+ tab into your personal Facebook page. By adding Google plus tab, you can easily get additional followers towards your Google+ profile. Do you know Google+ can boost your SEO? If you're already a reader of this blog you well known that how to add Twitter tab in your Facebook pages? How to add YouTube tab in Facebook? Or how to add Instagram tab in your Facebook fan pages. Now, this time we will install Google+ tab for our Facebook page. I have already included a live video for this tutorial that you may watch anytime placed at the end of this article. Therefore, here is a simple guide to add Google plus tab to Facebook pages.

how to add google plus tab to facebook fan pages


How to Add YouTube Channel Tab to Facebook Pages

Hello friends, in this post, I will show you an easy way to add your YouTube channel or playlist tab in your Facebook pages. This YouTube tab has a clean layout and also you can set a featured video on the top of your YouTube tab. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you already know how to add Twitter tab in Facebook page and Instagram tab to Facebook fan pages. You may either show your channel or playlist videos to your Facebook page. Your Facebook fans can directly subscribe your YouTube channel so you can get additional subscribers. If you're a blogger, and you are also making tips by your videos then it would be better for you to add your videos into your Facebook pages. Users are more interested to view videos rather than reading long articles.

how to add youtube tab in facebook pages


Add Instagram Tab on Facebook Pages | Show Instagram Feed in Facebook Page

Do you want to add your Instagram account into your Facebook fan pages? Do you want to show your Instagram feed in your Facebook page via an Instagram tab? Here is a quick and easy guide. In the last article, you learned how to add Twitter tab in Facebook pages. Once you add your Instagram account with your Facebook page, you may get additional followers to your Instagram account. Your Facebook fans can directly follow you on Instagram without leaving your Facebook page. The app will automatically sync Instagram feed into your Facebook pages. This Instagram tab also has different viewing mode such as thumbnail, quarter, small and normal. Your Facebook fans can view your Instagram photos inside your Facebook page and also they can like directly in the feed and also they can share your Instagram photos into their wall with 'share on your wall' option. Therefore, here is a quick guide to add Instagram tab on Facebook pages.

how to add instagram tab on facebook fan pages
Add Instagram Tab in Facebook Pages


Download Profile Photo Protected by Profile Picture Guard on Facebook

Do you want to download your friend's or anyone profile photo which is currently protected by Facebook profile picture guard? Facebook is more concern about their privacy and its user data, and currently they have launched privacy guard for profile picture since profile picture cannot be set privately, however you can make your profile picture not clickable. Anyone can see your Facebook profile picture no matter you have set it to only me. The solution for this issue is profile picture guard. Once you have added picture guard to your Facebook profile it will be covered by a blue guard. Users can see your full profile picture but they cannot download it as drag and drop function over the photo will also not work. However, there are still few ways by which you can save photos protected by profile picture guard on Facebook.

how to save picture protected by profile picture guard on facebook


Add Twitter Tab in Facebook Pages | Show Twitter Feed in Facebook

Do you want to show your twitter feed to your Facebook page? Do you want to add Twitter tab in your Facebook fan page? If yes, your search will be end here as I have mentioned a trick which is free of cost that will show your Twitter feed inside your Facebook page. If you are linking your Twitter account with your Facebook page, you may gain additional followers to your Twitter account. The fans of your Facebook page who are not your followers can also easily view your Twitter tab and they may follow your Twitter account directly from your Facebook page. After adding Twitter tab, your upcoming tweets will be automatically showed here on your Facebook page. You may also automatically post your tweets to your Facebook page or Facebook posts to Twitter, if you wish. You may view a live preview of Twitter tab in my Facebook Page Blogger & SEO Technology.

how to add twitter tab in facebook fan page

Block Friends Tagging/Tags You On Their Facebook Photos/Post

Do you annoy when someone tagged you on their photos or status updates? If yes, this post will let you know how you can solve this issue so that you don't get any unwanted notifications by the tagged photos on your Facebook account. Facebook is the best social network to connect with family and friends. I know, we all have few friends who are tagged us to their Facebook posts and photos which are not related to us. We can't force them each time when they tagged us as they are friends. Thanks to the Facebook features, you can now decide who can view posts in which you are tagged in and who can post on your timeline.

When Facebook launched the tagging feature it was effective and used properly by the peoples. The main purpose of tagging is that let your friend take a group photo, in which you are, from their mobile phone and upload this photo to Facebook then he/she tagged you in this photo to let you know you are in this photo and you will get notification because Facebook doesn't want you miss any story related to you. Nowadays, tagging feature used for attracting audience, increase number of likes and comments because of the notifications.

how to block friends tag you on facebook

If you are really interrupted with fake tagged photos on Facebook and you want to clean your Facebook notifications tray, this article is specially for you. In order to block friends tagging you on their Facebook photos, you will see two options to review tags before it get published on your Facebook timeline or anywhere in Facebook once you go through Facebook privacy setting. There are two types of reviews that you can enable or disable into your Facebook account. First is 'Timeline review' and second is 'Tag review'. Step by step guide with screenshots is included in the following article.

How to Recover Facebook Account using Trusted Contacts

Have you heard about the trusted contacts in Facebook? If no, trusted contacts are the friends you are very close. Your trusted contacts are friends you chose who can securely help if you ever have trouble accessing your account. You can contact them offline (meet personally) or over your phone. Trusted contacts can help you to log into your Facebook account, if you have forgotten your password, without asking any security questions. Suppose that a hacker or your bad wisher hacked your account and then he/she remove your original email ID and your phone numbers then it is really hard to get back your account from the hacker. In that case, trusted contacts can help you easily without any trouble to recover your Facebook account so I recommend you to add trusted contacts in your Facebook account to secure your account for the rest of the life. In this article, we will guide you how to add trusted contacts in Facebook and how you can recover Facebook account using trusted contacts.

how to recover facebook account using your trusted contacts

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ADD All Friends to any Facebook Group at Once 2017

Hello friends! I am again back with a cool Facebook trick that lets you add all of your Facebook friends to any Facebook group in one click after invite all friends to like Facebook page at once 2017. You may also find the script on internet to add all of your friends to groups, but most of the scripts are not working because Facebook updates their website regularly. I recommend you don't use any script on your personal or promotional Facebook account as your account will be in high risk as scripts run over all your Facebook friends. We will use here, a browser extension that has the limit for your friends to be added in groups at once. Keep in mind, never use any tool or trick again and again at the same time otherwise your account will be locked. Try the tool or extension once and use it again after 24 hour for your account safety. Therefore, here is a cool trick to add all your Facebook friends in any group at once 2017.

how to add all facebook friends to group at once 2017


How to Post / Upload Animated GIF Images on Facebook

Do you want to share or upload animated gif images to your Facebook status like others do? If yes, here in this article we will show you how to post an animated gif on Facebook. Animated GIF images are basically combined with images or a short video clips that play in a loop which can express something better than the normal images or text messages. You can also say to GIF image as the silent video clip that play in loop continuously. As we all know, an image can express thousands of words instantly so the animated GIF can express more than that.
You might be also seen the use of animated GIF images on other websites and it becomes popular these days. Many social media sites like Google+ and Twitter also using it directly via their upload media function but Facebook still doesn't allow to upload animated GIF images through the media upload function. However, You will have now choices to upload your animated GIF images to your Facebook account. Therefore, here is a simple way to post or upload animated GIF images on Facebook.

how to upload or post animated gif images on facebook

Emoticons or Smileys Codes for Facebook Status, Chat and Comments

Facebook is a fun loving social network, whether you update your status update, write on someone's timeline or chatting with your friends. In these days, peoples are more likely to use the emoticons or smileys in the conversation which is the more attractive way to talk with friends. Since, emoticons and smileys are the expressions so it describes hundred of words. In this post, I have also listed some characters that can be used anywhere on the web such as Facebook, Google plus, Twitter or any other websites. These characters are just like the normal text, called UTF compatible characters. Copy these characters and you can use these emoticons anywhere on the web, including Facebook status update, chatting or Facebook comment section.
how to use emoticons and smilyes facebook on laptop

fIf you are using smartphones then you can use your keyboard to include smileys on your Facebook status updates, comments or message conversation, but if you are on your system you can not directly use it. You need to know the codes of smileys. We have first added emoticons that you can copy and use it anywhere on the web, and second we have write most common smileys codes that you can learn it and use it directly from your system's or smartphone's keyboard.

Invite All Friends to Like any Facebook Page 2017 at Once

Have you created a new Facebook page? You will obviously want your friends like your Facebook page. You can easily invite them to like your Facebook page by the default Facebook feature "invite friends to like this page". You can easily search your friends and invite them manually, but what if you want to send invitation to all of your friends, you can't do it manually. You have to click on "invite" button individually for each friend. Let you have 3500 friends so you have to click 3500 times on invite button, it may take your day.

invite all facebook friends with single click to facebook page

How to Keep Your Kids Safe on Facebook

Launched in 2004, Facebook took the world by storm. Currently Facebook has more than 900 million online active users and it’s filled with people from different countries, cultures and ethnicities. If your child is on Facebook, a portal that connects millions of people together than it’s your responsibility to keep an eye on them, make sure they don’t get involved in something dangerous and talk to strangers.

Safe your kids on facebook
Save your Kids on Facebook

Facebook Profile Viewer : Latest/Recent Visitors on Your Facebook Profile

Do you want to know who visited on your Facebook profile? Obviously yes, but Facebook doesn't allow you to view friends who visited your Facebook timeline profile.

Few years back, If you remembered there was a name called "Orkut" that was the most famous social networking site. Google had officially shut down it on 30 September, 2014. Orkut had the most beautiful feature to show the recent visitors profile link. This feature is not available on Facebook due to the user's privacy. Facebook is very strict to disclose their user's privacy. However, there are many applications that claim to show your recent visitors of your Facebook profile and most of them are garbage. No application or website can show you the actual result that you want, however, it may show you the possible outcomes i.e, the users who possibly visit your profile and interact with you most frequently. You may also search for "Facebook profile Viewer", you may get few chrome extension too but they are garbage. You will install them and later you will have to uninstall them because of no results.

If any application or online site are claiming to show you the exact result either they are collecting your Facebook info i.e., friends name, mobile no, date of birth and locations or show your friend list randomly.

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Create Fake Facebook Status Updates/Wall Posts & Chat Messages

Do you want to prank your friends? Today, I am sharing a cool Facebook tips that will let you create fake Facebook Wall posts to your and your friends timeline followed by Facebook comments. You can also create a fake Facebook status update of your friends and show them to fool them. In case you missed my guide to create fake Twitter tweets, you can check it out. There are many tools to create fake Facebook wall posts but I am only considering here the best one. While creating fake status, you can add friend's name, status update or comments and their profile photo. The best thing using the following tool is that you can add your friend's profile photo using the image's direct link so you don't need to download it for using it later. Therefore, here is a guide to create faking Facebook wall posts or fake Facebook chat messages history.

wanna prank friend by creating fake status on facebook. Here it is!


Clean Facebook New Design Theme 2017 - 2018 without Ads

Do you want to try new Facebook design without having ads and with extra features? Today, I am going to show you how can you easily change your Facebook theme color, view recent visitors to your Facebook profile and how can make Facebook more faster. Firstly, I have used it with my Facebook account for a week and found a better user experience than the official Facebook website. The new Facebook design has no ads so you don't need to use any ad-blocker in your browser if you use this clean and simple Facebook design. The theme has also new features by which you can easily change the default blue color to your own choice of colors. The new theme also included the useful left panel that allows quick access to main sections. I would recommend you to give a chance to this new design, you'll love it. Take a look of new Facebook clean New Design 2017 - 2018.

how to upgrade new Facebook design


Stop/Disable/Turn-off Auto-Play Facebook Videos in Newsfeed

Have you noticed Facebook silently play videos in your Facebook newsfeed while you scroll down? Basically, Facebook has turned on auto play videos in their default mode for the desktop users. However, you can easily choose to set autoplay on or off for the Facebook videos showing in your newsfeed. Mobile users might set Facebook videos auto play function on for the WiFi connections only. If you have a limited 3G or 2G plans, auto play videos setting might hurt you as it will take much more data. I don't know why Facebook has enabled auto play 'on' for videos in newsfeed. Users are more likely to play videos that they are interested in, there is no guarantee that a user and his friends belong to the same interest so the case is also true for the shared videos. If you don't want to play Facebook videos automatically, here is a simple guide to turning off auto play Facebook videos for desktop & mobile users.

how to stop or turn off auto play facebook videos in newsfeed

Upload High Quality Images/Photos on Facebook w/ Compress

Facebook is a most popular social platform to share your voice and photos with your friends. Have you ever noticed the quality of the images you have uploaded on Facebook with the original photo? Is it slightly different from the original photo in terms of quality? The more photos shared on a server means the more space a server need. That is why, Facebook uses compression on the photos to save server's space. When you upload a photo on Facebook, it will automatically passing through a standard compressor mode that reduces the size of the images, and you'll get compressed slightly low quality images. Most of the websites have their own compression algorithm to save the space, however compression in Facebook is far better than any other websites.

share high quality images without compress on facebook

Schedule Facebook Posts to Profile Timeline, Groups & Pages

Facebook officially allows you to schedule your status update posts into your Facebook business page only. You cannot schedule your posts from your personal timeline and groups you are the admin. There could be some reasons for Facebook, or you can say spamming that triggered to Facebook not allowing scheduled posts for profile. Posting the same thing on pages, groups and personal profiles are most time consuming. If you are a Blogger like me, you might also feel like that. There are many third party services which allow you to schedule your posts for your personal profile timeline. Therefore, I am considering here a best one to schedule your Facebook posts to profile timeline.

how to schedule facebook posts to profile

Get OTP:One Time Password to Access Facebook in Public Places

Do you want to login Facebook without your password? A simple answer is yes! You can create a temporarily password for your Facebook account. This temporary password cannot be reused and will be valid for 20 minutes. The question is, why do you need to use one time password for your Facebook account? The simple answer is, if you are accessing your Facebook account in public places such as library, internet cafe or computer labs you may be uncomfortable to write down your password in the desired filed as the public system may track the words by using some software like keylogger. You can also use OTP when Login to someone else mobile phones.

get otp one time password to access Facebook account
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