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Add Google Plus Tab to Facebook Pages | Google+ Tab on Facebook

Do you want to add Google+ Tab to your Facebook fan pages? In this guide, I will show you a step by step guide to install a Google+ tab into your personal Facebook page. By adding Google plus tab, you can easily get additional followers towards your Google+ profile. Do you know Google+ can boost your SEO? If you're already a reader of this blog you well known that how to add Twitter tab in your Facebook pages? How to add YouTube tab in Facebook? Or how to add Instagram tab in your Facebook fan pages. Now, this time we will install Google+ tab for our Facebook page. I have already included a live video for this tutorial that you may watch anytime placed at the end of this article. Therefore, here is a simple guide to add Google plus tab to Facebook pages.

how to add google plus tab to facebook fan pages


How to Make Google Plus ID Card | Google+ Identity Card

Do you want to make your Google+ ID Card? Do you want to show off your Google plus identity card to your friends on your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts? In this post, we will generate your Google+ id card. Don't take it seriously as it is just for fun, similar as creating your Facebook ID card. If you don't have created your Facebook id card, you can create one! You don't need to do anything to generate your Google+ id card, just you have to sign into your Facebook and Google+ accounts and few clicks required from the source. You can easily download your Google plus identity card to your local hard drive as an image. You can upload it on your various social networks. I have searched over the web to generate Google+ id card, most of the sites are not working except the one we will mention following. Therefore, here is an easy way to make Google plus id card.

google plus identity card generator
Google+ ID Card

Create a Google+ Page | Google Plus Page for Blogger/Business

Do you want to create a Google+ page for your blog? If yes, here is a step by step guide to create a Google plus page for your business. Google+ page is basically similar as Facebook page. If you don't have a Facebook page, you may create a Facebook page for your blog. Google+ page has additional features that you can't get from your Facebook page, you can hangout with your fans followed by face-to-face-to-face talk. Honestly, this blog has fewer fans in Google+ page than the Facebook page, but Google+ page help us more to drive traffic to my blog than our Facebook page. You can also view the stats of your Google+ page, and your site analytic inside your Google plus page dashboard. You just need to have a Gmail account to create a Google+ page.

how to create google+ page for blogger


Create a Google+ Community | Google Plus Community for Blogs

Do you want to create a Google+ community for your business or blog? Here is a simple guide. The very first thing before creating a Google+ community is to know their features which are mention below. Why do you need a Google+ community, if you already have a Google+ page for your blog or business? The basic thing for Google+ page is to post your news followed by your business to your audience while in Google+ community your audience may ask something or create a discussion related to your blog or business. Google plus community in Google+ is similar like groups on Facebook. Google plus community has more advanced features in comparison to Facebook groups. You may have also an option to keep Google+ community public or private. You can also control who can find your community & ask for joining your community. If you select Google+ community private, you can also hide it from the Google+ searches. Before create a Google+ community, let's see community features in Google+.

how to create a google plus community
Create a Google+ Community | Photo

Transfer Your Google+ Accounts Old ->New | Merge Google Plus Profiles

Have you more than two Google+ accounts? If yes, you would probably annoy to handle all the Google+ profiles. Mostly users like me have more than two Google accounts i.e., one is for our personal email, and second one (Google business apps) for this blog. Google allows you to take mostly all the benefits via its business apps. Therefore, Google business app users also join YouTube, Gmail or Google+. If you are using Google apps, and also created a Google+ profile or you are using two Google accounts then you can easily merge your accounts into one. I would recommend you to take a backup of your Google+ profile data to your desktop before start to merge Google+ profile accounts. Therefore, here is quick guide to merge or transfer your Google+ profile accounts.

transfering or merging your google plus accounts
Merge your Google+ Accounts

If you are transferring your Google+ profile to the existing Google+ profile, you must read the following points before start the merge process.


Why Google+ Is Important For SEO | Google Plus & Websites/Blogs

What is the importance of Google Plus in SEO for your websites or blogs? In this article, we will show the important factors to use Google+ that could improve SEO rankings for your websites. Instead of SEO, Google+ is also helpful for drive traffic to your blogs or websites which we will discuss in the following post. Google is promoting its new social platform Google plus. Google Plus is growing rapidly; gaining more followers than any other social network ever did in its early days. Adding Google plus to your website or marketing campaign helps to increase the traffic and ranking of your site in the search engines. Therefore, here is the importance of Google Plus in SEO rankings for blogs.

google plus importance for seo
Google+ Importance for Your Websites

Write Hindi on Facebook Status/Comment/Chat | Type Hindi on Google+

Do you want to write Hindi on your Facebook status updates? Want to use Hindi on Facebook chat or comments? If yes, there are so many online translator services that convert your English to Hindi, called Hinglish. You can check out some online Hindi typing tools that may help you to write fb status in Hindi, such as Google translator and Quill Pad. Peoples like me are very lazy to make text in Hindi via such types of tool, since you have to additionally visit the tools page, making text in Hindi, copy it, and paste to the desire social networking site. It wastes so much time. Here is an exact solution for those who are Hinglish type writer. You don't need to go anywhere on the web even you don't need the internet connection for typing Hindi language. By the following method, you can write Hindi in the way you write English, i.e., to write 'फेसबुक हिंदी इनपुट', press 'facebook hindi input' from your keyboard, it will auto translate to Hindi. The following method is valid for anywhere on the web, such as Google plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and Facebook. If you are an android user, you may read, type/write Hindi on Android mobile phones. Therefore, here is how to write Hindi on Facebook Status, Comments, Chat and Google+.

type hindi in facebook status chat comments
Write Hindi in Facebook Stats, chat and comments
You may also check my previous post to write in bold, italic or strikethrough on Facebook. Even you can write the different font styling on Facebook and Google+.

Stylish & Cool Text Generator for Facebook / Google Plus

Do you want to update your status updates with the stylish & cool text formats on Facebook and Google+? If yes, then you have got a right place. In this post, we will show you to convert your text in stylish & cool text that could be use in the status updates, chat box and comments on your Facebook and Google plus accounts. I have find a cool website that convert it more easily. Therefore, here is how to use the stylish and cool text generator for Facebook & Google plus.

cool text generator for Facebook
Cool Text Generator for Facebook & Google+

How To Add Official Google+ Badge/Widget To Blogger/Blogs

Google+ is officially provided you badges for your profile, pages or communities that you can add into your websites or blogs. The easiest and smarter way to grow your community is to add Google plus widget to your blogs. Users may add your official Google plus page to their circles, and would give you a thumb up as +1 to your blog. You can see my Google+ page badge in the right sidebar area, you may add my page to your circles, and I appreciate if you +1 it. They also would be able to give a thumb up to your blog via the +1 button. I have also added a Google+ profile page below to this article, please add me in your circle. Therefore, here is a quick guide to add Google+ badges as page, community or profile to blogs.

Add Google Plus Badge Widget To Blogger
Official Google+ Page Badge for Blogs

Choose/Show Specific Friends/People To Google+ Plus Profile Page

Google+ is also good in terms of privacy similar as Facebook. You would have an option to display/hide your friends on your Google plus profile page. If you want to display your friends, you would have a sub option to display specific friends or specific circle's friends. In other hand, you can also control who can see it. For your kind information, Google+ Project is very strict about Google+ user's privacy policy and Google respect the associated data of their users. you can read more about Google+ Privacy. You can also hide/show the peoples who have added you in their circles. In the previous article, I have written an article to make your Google+ more secure by allowing the Google+ notifications on your mobile phones.  Therefore, here is how to show or hide your friends on Google+.

show people to google plus profile page

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Download All Google Plus Data To Desktop Hard Drive | Google+ Backup

Google plus now allows you to download your data such as profile, hangouts, your circles, stream, photos, +1's, and Google+ pages to your desktop hard drive. Except Google+ you can also download your other Google product data such as bookmarks, mail, contacts, drive, blogger, YouTube, and much more. You can take a look what you can download by clicking here. Let us you have captured some photos from your phone, and uploaded to your Google+ account. Due to any reason, your mobile has lost or damaged, and you want to recover your family photos that matters to you. Don't worry; make a backup of your photos from Google+ to your desktop. Using Google+ account, you can secure your photos. You also have an option to backup some specific data too. For example, you can only backup your contacts or your circles too. You can also backup all the data with one click into your Google plus profile. Therefore, here is how to backup Google+ data to the system hard drive.

google plus data download to desktop


How to Update Google Plus Status By Mobile Phone via SMS Text

Do you want to update your Google+ status update by your mobile phone? If yes, this is a simple guide for you. No matter your phone has internet connection or not. It is basically runs over your SMS carrier charges. Nowadays, you can find the best tariff plan for your network SMS charges. You may read our previous post for getting Google+ notifications on mobile phones. If you want to update status from your phone then you have to write text and send to a proper number as you sending messages normally. Doesn't matter which network sim you are using in your mobile phone whatever you are using such as Reliance, Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL... and So on. Generally, the status updates sending by the phone are visible to public, but Google Plus also offers you to update your updates to your specific circles by writing some additional text in to your message. I have also described it in the following post. Therefore, here a quick guide to update your Google+ status via mobile phone.

update google plus post via mobile sms
Google+ Status Update via Phone SMS Test
"Sending updates to Google Plus via SMS, data rates apply according to your network."

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How To Get Google Plus Notification Updates On Mobile Phones

Google Plus notification on mobile phone is very much similar as on Facebook. The main advantage of mobile notifications is that when you don't have internet connection you will get the proper updates. Just you have to verify your mobile number with your Google Plus profile. Once you verified, you can control the notifications you want to get into your mobile phone, such as get notification if some one 'add to a circle', 'share a post with me directly', 'comments on a photo I tagged'.... and so many I can't explain here. Therefore, firstly you have to link and verify your mobile phone number with your Google plus profile page.

google plus notification updates on mobile phones


Google+ : Send Private / Direct Messages To Friends in Google Plus

+ PM Google plus has no option to send the private messages to your friends, and doesn't have inbox or outbox, which may be a negative part of Google plus. Therefore, Is it impossible to send the private messages to our friends in Google+ without having the inbox or outbox features? No, nothing is impossible here, because impossible directly show i-m-possible. We can do it by the visibility feature of the circles. Have you noticed that Google Plus doesn't allow your friends to write on your wall, while Facebook allowed, which is the beauty of Google Plus. Another beauty of Google+ is that you can send private messages to your friends similarly as you update your Google+ status. In other hand, your friend will receive that messages in their news feed that would be visible only to you. The trick is very simple, but many of my friends don't know about private messaging in Google+, and ask me that how to send private messages in Google+. Below is the solution for this problem.

how to send private message in google plus
Private Messaging System on Google+

Bold/Italic/Strikethrough Text in Google Plus | Google+ Text Formatting

Text formatting such as bold, italic and strike-through is a good technique to catch the eye of the viewers. You may use these text formatting into Google plus posts and comment section. Text formatting is basically a technique to show the most important part inside any paragraph by making it bold, italic or strikethrough. To make these formatting on your text, you have to use some special characters at the suffix and prefix in your words. You may also check out the mostly common slang word's full form used on social networks like Google+ and Facebook by going to Facebook Slang post. As in my previous post, I wrote about how to use these formatting texts in Facebook chat, status updates, and groups. you can now also use rich text formatting in WhatsApp. In this post, we will also use the technique that is slightly different from the previous post. Therefore, here is how to use Google+ formatting as Bold, Italic and Strikethrough text.

bold italic strikethrough text in google plus
Bold, Italic & Strikethrough in Google+

Featured: Write Upside Down Rotate Text on Google+ & Facebook

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Most Common Slang Words Full Form For Facebook Status/Chatting

LOL ASAP, ASL, RIP, OMG,... These are the very common slang words using in social networking sites. No matter you are texting in WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter, these slang words can be found anywhere. These words also known as chat short words. Some of the chat short words have added to the Oxford dictionary. You can check out the latest BBC News. There is no doubt that in the fast forward world everyone wants to optimize the time even when they communicate to others. If you communicate with your friends on any social networking sites like Facebook, then you would like to talk much more things within the short period of time. It is simple. You can optimize your time by using the slang words into your chat conversation. We sometimes find the short words into our chat or in the status updates that we could not be able to understand. Therefore, here I have listed some most commonly spoken slang words that you can use in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp and LinkedIn, or on any social networking sites.

most wanted slang words for Facebook and Google Plus
Most Useful Slang Words for Facebook & Google+
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