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Add Instagram Tab on Facebook Pages | Show Instagram Feed in Facebook Page

Do you want to add your Instagram account into your Facebook fan pages? Do you want to show your Instagram feed in your Facebook page via an Instagram tab? Here is a quick and easy guide. In the last article, you learned how to add Twitter tab in Facebook pages. Once you add your Instagram account with your Facebook page, you may get additional followers to your Instagram account. Your Facebook fans can directly follow you on Instagram without leaving your Facebook page. The app will automatically sync Instagram feed into your Facebook pages. This Instagram tab also has different viewing mode such as thumbnail, quarter, small and normal. Your Facebook fans can view your Instagram photos inside your Facebook page and also they can like directly in the feed and also they can share your Instagram photos into their wall with 'share on your wall' option. Therefore, here is a quick guide to add Instagram tab on Facebook pages.

how to add instagram tab on facebook fan pages
Add Instagram Tab in Facebook Pages


Upload/Add Multiple Photos or Videos to Instagram Stories

Do you want to upload multiple photos or videos to your Instagram stories? If yes, here is an easy way to add multiple photos from your phone's gallery into your Instagram story. Once you are on your homepage in Instagram app, you will see your connection's stories. Most of them have updated their Instagram story using multiple photos, but when you create your Instagram story you could not be able to add more than one photo or video into your Instagram story as there was no option to upload another photo while adding photos to Instagram story. Basically, most of the users making mistake while uploading multiple photos or videos due to the non-friendly functioning. Once they upload a photo to Instagram stories and tap on the plus story icon then it will automatically publish the story and again when they tap on 'Your story' icon they will see their story as there were no option for adding another photo to the existing Instagram story. Therefore, here is a quick and easy guide to add/upload multiple photos or videos to Instagram stories.

how to upload multiple photos or videos to instagram stories

Download/Save Instagram Photos/Videos to Android/iPhone Gallery

Do you want to download photos and videos from your Instagram app to your gallery? If yes, in this post, I will share you easy steps by which you can easily save or download any photo or video from Instagram to your phone's gallery. As we all know, Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites to share photos having most popular filters for photos and videos for free. Instagram has approximate 700 million users as of April, 2017 and there existed over 40 billion photos. Instagram is very strict about the copyright policy. Many users just download the photos from other account and then upload to their own account which is not a right way to do it, and Instagram followed it. That is why Instagram doesn't allow their users to download or save photos to your phone's gallery.

how to download instagram photos


How to Post Photos/Images on Instagram from Windows Desktop

Do you want to post your photos on Instagram from your desktop? If yes, here is a little trick, just read this post. Officially, Instagram doesn't let you to post photos or videos from your desktop. Except posting photos and messaging you can do everything from your desktop. You can also use Instagram from your mobile browser but not from desktop browser. However, a little trick is required (by tweaking 'user agent setting') to transform your desktop browser into a mobile browser, and then you can post your photos from your Instagram account similar as on mobile browser. You don't need to do anything from your desktop browser, I have found an add-on for both chrome and Firefox browser that can do this on your finger tips. If you missed the recent post about Instagram, here it is delete search history in Instagram. Therefore, here is a simple solution for posting photos on Instagram from Windows Desktop.

how to post images from desktop to instagram

How to Delete/Clear Search History in Instagram

Do you want to delete your Instagram search history? If yes, just do the simple things as mention in this post which is a very easy task, but as a how-to guide I have to mention it. Instagram is one the best photo sharing site, and I also love it. You can easily find your friends and followers in your Instagram account by its easy to use search option. Similar like Facebook, Instagram also stored the search history you searched earlier in the app. When you or someone taps on the search option, your prior search history will be visible. If you don't want to show the prior search history, Instagram lets their users to delete it. Therefore, here is a quick guide to delete Instagram search history.

how to delete search history in instagram
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