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Create/Add Dofollow Nofollow Links | Difference /w Dofollow Nofollow Links

Dofollow and Nofollow links impact search engine ranking position(s) for your websites or blogs. Dofollow links are beneficial to good health of SEO. If your blog has a dofollow backlink from a site that means it will count as a vote by the webmaster to your blog. The higher votes your blog gets, the higher ranking(s) your blog achieve in search engines. If your blog has a nofollow backlink that means you will not get a vote by the webmaster, in this case, no effects in your ranking(s).

Many users don't have proper knowledge about dofollow and nofollow links and they get involved in link exchange in such a way that is against to the terms of Google webmaster guidelines. In returns, they get banned. We will discuss more about it in the following post.

what is dofollow and nofollow links

SEO Pack For Blogger | Best "Search Preferences" Settings for SEO

If you have ever used WordPress then I am sure you will be familiar with plugins such as "All in One SEO Pack" and "SEO by Yoast". Just you have to install one of these plugin into your WordPress blog, your blog will become SEO friendly. The most advantage of these plugins are writing SEO friendly content, creating different descriptions for each post, and also you can edit your robots.txt file. In Blogger, there were no options to do it earlier. Later, Google has decided to take Blogger more SEO friendly, and launched some features via "customize your search preferences" into the Blogger dashboard by which you can write different description for each post directly from your post editor. Other than search preferences, you can also make your blogger post more SEO friendly by using the extra features such as making your Blogger images SEO friendly you should use "alt" and "title" tags for your images and rel attribute to choose whether you want to make your external links nofollow or dofollow directly from your post editor. With the launch of SEO pack, Blogger has also added few functionality to dashboard by which you can now set "404 pages not found" message to your visitors. You can also redirect your broken links to any of the internal links of your blog inside your blogger dashboard. When you combine the entire feature I mentioned above, it will become as a SEO pack for Blogger. Therefore, here is how to make Blogger SEO friendly via Blogger SEO Pack.

seo pack for blogger and robots.txt files

How to Blog for International Audience

Are you using the full potential of your blog to reach readers around the world? If so, you need to keep those international readers coming back for more. With a little research and some tweaking of your blogging strategy, you can not only attract global traffic but turn it into repeat visits.

On the other hand, if you find your loyal readers are mostly English speakers from your home country, it's time to think bigger. Learn how to create and optimize blog content that reaches other countries, languages, and cultures. It's easier than you might think. Here is a quick guide to blog for international audience.

international audience and your blog
Drive International Audience to your Blog.

The 5 Rewards of Local SEO to Your Small Business

Do you own a business? Do you have a website for it?

If your answer is an affirmative, then read on to know how local search engine optimization (SEO) can help your business.

But first, let us give you a brief introduction.

Local SEO applies the same optimization strategies such as the creation of quality content, proper use of keywords, and link building. But instead of focusing on global results, it aims to rank your site for a certain geographic area.

To illustrate, let us say that you run a restaurant in Delhi and in particular serve burgers. To make sure local customers and Web users know about your business and specialty, you need to optimize your site and your webpages to appear for search results like “burgers Delhi,” “burgers in Delhi,” or even “Delhi burgers.” 

seo for your local business
Local SEO for your Small Business

How Social Media Sites Impact Your SEO: SEO and Social

Can Social media sites impact your SEO strategies? Follow this guidelines to know that how social media impact on your SEO. Companies have started to place a large emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO) in order to generate traffic and reach out to new customers. These companies know that an online presence is important if you want to resonate with today’s society, and SEO can help boost this online presence.

how social media impacts on SEO
Social Media + SEO

Enabling HTTPS in Blogger? Think Twice for SEO Disadvantages

Do you want to enable HTTPS integration to your BlogSpot domain? If yes, you must read this article before switching over HTTPS from HTTP in your Blogger sub-domain. Yes, I know you have heard that HTTPS is now a ranking signal that can boost your rank slightly. I have taken a look on HTTPS enabled blogspot blog, and found major SEO disadvantages that you must know before applying it on your sub-domain. Enabling HTTPS for your blog cannot be a bad thing for SEO, but due to the functionality Blogger provides in the current time is not suitable for better SEO, since recently Blogger has announced HTTPS support for Blogger. Google is yet to announce HTTPS support for custom domains, currently it is only available for blogspot sub-domains. I will suggest you to wait for announcing it for custom domains, and some basic functionality to be working fine. I will update this article as the things going to perfect for the blogspot users. You may subscribe our newsletter or simply like us on Facebook to update with the latest news on Blogger. In this article, we will talk about the major issues if you enable HTTPS support in Blogger. Before turning on this feature, you should wait for fixing the issue by Google.

Blogger HTTPS Support and SEO Disadvantes

Google Penguin 2015 Updates

In this post, I will consider to show you the history of Google penguin updates from the old one to the latest one up to 2015. Google penguin is now a very well known name in the internet, and everybody is aware from penguin. Before showing Google penguin updates history, let us we know about it, and discuss which site can be affected by the penguin? Google penguin was first released on April 24, 2012 that affects around 3.1% search queries for English language. Here is a simple definition of Google Penguin.

Google Penguin Update Timeline in 2015
Google Penguin Updates| Photo Credit: @Pixabay

Google Panda Update 2015 | Explain Google Panda Algorithm?

In this guide, I will explain Google panda algorithm, and including panda update history from starting to till now 2015. If we talk about the search qualities for the results of web pages from various search engines, obviously Google search is the leader in terms of quality. Google always try to implement new things in their search to get the better search results for their searchers, and Google panda is one of those. Google panda is basically a search filter that filter the search results each time Google panda updates or refreshment happen. If your site had been hit by previous Google panda update that doesn't mean your content have no value. The panda update filter is designed as if it finds few poor quality pages from your site then it can downgrade the organic traffic to overall site. Therefore, few bad quality pages in your site may harm your overall site performance due to panda algorithm. Here is an on-focus definition of Google panda update.

google panda algorithm update history
A Complete Panda Update History | Photo Credit: @pixabay 

On Page SEO Optimization Techniques for Blogs/Beginners/Blogger

Do you want on page SEO optimization on your posts in 2015? If yes, we will show you the latest techniques for on page SEO optimization for 2015. SEO is a major topic online, and SEO experts share their knowledge on the web. I have also done many experiments in my blog to optimize our blog posts that I would like to share it with our readers. I would recommend you, before reading this SEO tutorial, check out what are the restrictions in SEO that you should avoid by this article avoid black hat SEO techniques. Now, we further move to on the go.

on page seo optimization techniques
On Page SEO Optimization Techniques for Beginners @Pixabay

SEO For Beginners/Blogger/Blogs 2015

Do you want to know more about SEO for blogs in 2015? We will discuss here about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for blogs & SEO for Websites. You may not believe that both are different from each other since the social elements endorsement into the blogging technology. If you have measured, websites are more likely to buying links than the blogs which is against the Google webmaster guidelines. Google likes the natural links and devoted buying links. If your site involves in such activities, Google algorithm updates may hit your site. Mostly blogs run by the Bloggers, and they take care of their blogs as well as SEO for their blogs manually, but the websites hire SEO companies for the optimization in search engines. Sometimes these companies generate higher backlinks to deliver the better result to their customer, but that may affect negatively in the future. If you are a beginner, you should read SEO for beginners 2015 in the following ways.

seo for beginners and blogs
SEO for Blogs @Pixabay

***Before reading SEO for Blogs I would suggest you never try to use illegal SEO techniques for your blogs, more about this issue read Black Hat SEO To Avoid For Blogs.


Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid Doorway Pages, Cloaking & Stacking

Avoiding any black hat SEO activities on your blog in 2015 is only possible when you know it. As we all know, reading and writing about blackhat SEO is not illegal although if you are doing anything that belongs to black hat SEO that is illegal for the search engines. If your site caught involving in black hat SEO by the search engines, your site may penalize. Therefore, let's we define the advantage and disadvantage of blackhat SEO techniques.

a way to avoiding black hat seo techniques in your blogs.
Photo Credit:


How to Submit Disavow File to Google Webmaster Tools

Have you created your disavow file? If not, you should go to my previous post to read more about disavow file and how to create it. Once your disavow file is ready, you may submit it to your Google webmaster tools to notify Google not to consider these links for any algorithm. You can only submit your disavow file for a particular website only if you have verified that website with Google webmaster tools.

submit your disavow file to gmt


What is Disavow File? How to Create a Disavow File?

Here I will discuss about disavow file in brief description. Doesn't matter you have a popular blog or not, you are a Blogger or you have a business website, you should be familiar with SEO terms to stay away from any penalties to your site. Disavow file now is an element of SEO. However, if you have a budget you may hire some SEO companies to handle all the things for your brand website, but if you are a blogger like me or you don't want to pay any amount of money you must be familiar with SEO because Google has decided to fight with web spam by their automatic algorithm updates. If Google found any type of negative SEO pointing to your blogs or websites, you would not get higher ranking in search engine because of the automatic penalties.

a guide to create a disavow file


Identifying Unnatural or Bad Links toward your Websites or Blogs

Do you want to remove unnatural or bad backlinks pointing to your site? The first step is to find and identify the backlinks. This post will guide you to analyze your backlinks and which types of links can harm to your website rankings. If you want your business to be online for a long time, you should make a schedule to track your backlinks in monthly or half yearly basis. If you can't do it by yourself, you may hire a SEO company but it would be costly. If you are not aware about your backlinks, your website or blog would always be in question for Penguin. Once you identify an unnatural link towards your site, include it into disavow file (If you don't know about disavow, here is a quick guide to create your Disavow file). Once you have updated/created the file, you can re-submit/submit disavow file in Google Webmaster Tools.

identify the bad backlinks


How to Add Custom Robots Header Tags in Blogger

Why do you need to add custom robots header tags into your blog? I think you knew it already because you are reading this post. Let us repeat it again. The content on your blog you don't want to share with major search engines can be restricted by the robots header tags. You can also restrict them to index by the custom robots.txt file in Blogger. On the static pages, you can easily add a meta robots tag with the value 'noindex' to the pages you don't want to share with search engines under header section of your website. If you are using Blogger, bang! You don't need to go for the Blogger source section to add robots header tags because Blogger has recently updated its dashboard with the search preferences setting in which you can easily add or remove your robots header tags for different types of pages such as post, homepage, search or archive pages. You just need some clicks, and your header tags will be automatically updated.

adding custom robots header tags in blogger


Add Custom Robots.txt File in Blogger | Create SEO Friendly robots.txt

Do you want to create your own robots.txt file for your Blogger? If yes, this post will guide you in easy steps. Here I will discuss about what robots.txt file is and how to add custom robots.txt file in Blogger. Recently Blogger has added an option called search preferences into Blogger dashboard that will allow you to add custom robots header tags and custom robots.txt file. I will highly recommend you to know completely about robots.txt file before makes any changes into this file because robots.txt file is all about crawling and indexing of your entire blog so a wrong text may harm your SEO. Now, first we will learn about robots.txt file.

add custom robots.txt file in blogger
Adding Custom Robots.txt file in Blogger or Blogspot


How to Increase Improve Alexa Rankings for Blogs 2015

Do you want to increase / improve your blog Alexa ranking? Welcome to this article! I will show you the ways, once you follow, you'll get the better Alexa ranking for your site. I am not planning to write the common points that you have already read from other sources or before landing to this page. I always share the things which we have done in the past. Therefore, this article is based on my own experience. Yes, I know you have checked our Alexa ranking before reading the post which is not better. This blog had reached to 38K Alexa ranking in the past within 8 months journey after the launch. There was everything good in my life. After a year, suddenly some of the Google algorithms slapped to my blog, the blog had finished. Traffic had vanished from 3000+ daily pageviews for only 140 posts to 100- daily pageviews, since the most traffic was from Google search engine. Alexa ranking of this blog has downgraded from 38K to 1Million after half a year. Yes, I agree, I had made many mistakes in my blogging life, and learned many things from those mistakes. I take a rest gap, and sort out the problems for the recovery. Finally, the recent Panda 4.1 update surprised me! The traffic increased by 200%+. Alexa rank jump from 1Million to .2Million ~ 199K within short period. I will reveal the secret to recover a blog from Google panda or penguin in our coming posts based on our experience, you can subscribe us for the news.

easy ways to improve alexa rankings of blogs


How to Add Alexa Widget to Blogger blogs

Alexa, a name that you know very well if you are landed on this page. Alexa helps us to find the world and country ranking of our blogs and it also helps us to know about your visitors geography. You can easily check your website stats on the official site. Here I will discuss about adding alexa widget to your blogs. Once you add alexa widget to your Blogger, it will display your site ranking and/or site linking to your audience. You can read more about alexa rankings and ways to improve your blog's alexa rankings here.

add alexa widget to blogger
Alexa widget for Facebook


3 Common SEO Mistakes Avoid Urgently for Google Panda & Penguin 2017

I have started to write this post about common SEO mistakes to avoid Google panda & penguin which is not limited to include the theory part of SEO mistakes although I will cover the story I have learned from our blogging carrier. Similar as the common mistakes newbies mostly repeat the mistakes for on page optimization techniques and off page optimization that lead Google panda and penguin penalties to their blogs. I have tried many different things in SEO for my blogs some of them impacted positively and some negatively. I also made many SEO mistakes but learned from them. Making mistakes are not wrong unless you don't learn from them. I am just sharing our SEO experience with all of you that what common SEO mistakes I did that hit my blog in Google panda and penguin updates and how I avoided them. Some of my blogs have also faced the war of Google panda & penguin. This blog had been hit by Google panda & penguin, but in the recent panda 4.0 & penguin 3.0, we have successfully recovered it. I don't do anything special to recover our blog from panda & penguin, just I have avoided the basic SEO mistakes that I made when I was a newbie.

common seo mistakes to avoid for google panda and penguin
Top 3 Common SEO Mistakes to avoid it urgently for Google panda or penguin penalties

Submit Sitemap to Google/Bing/Yahoo/Altavista/MSN Search Engines

Before, submission of your sitemaps to search engines, firstly, you should consider to submit your sit to search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, Bing & MSN. When you submit your site or blog to search engines, then search engines will start to index your sites When your sites indexed by search engines, it may take some search result ranking positions for your targeted keywords. The more you have quality content, the more rankings your site would get. Now, whenever you write new post to your blog, it doesn't mean that the search engines crawler will come up to your blog and it would index your blog post. The crawling rate is decided by the search engines. You have to wait for indexing the new content to search engines until the crawler reaches to your blog again. The one simple solution is submit your sitemap to major search engines by their webmaster tools so that whenever you published any article on your blog, they might be notify and index your article as soon as possible. Therefore, here is a guide to submit sitemap to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK, AOL, Altvista & Bing.

submit blogger sitemap to google, bing and yahoo

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