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3 Common SEO Mistakes Avoid Urgently for Google Panda & Penguin 2015

I have started to write this post about common SEO mistakes to avoid Google panda & penguin which is not limited to include the theory part of SEO mistakes although I will cover the story I have learned from our blogging carrier. Similar as the common mistakes newbies mostly do for on page and off page optimization they are also doing some common SEO mistakes that lead Google panda and penguin penalties to their blogs. I have tried many different things in SEO for my blogs some of them positively impact and some negatively. I also made many SEO mistakes but learned from them. Making mistakes is not wrong unless you don't learn from them. I am just sharing our SEO experience with all of you that what common SEO mistakes I did that hit my blog in Google panda and penguin updates and how I avoid them. Some of my blogs have also faced the war of Google panda & penguin. This blog had been hit by Google panda & penguin, but in the recent panda 4.0 & penguin 3.0, we have successfully recovered it. I don't do any thing special to recover our blog from panda & penguin, just I have avoided the basic SEO mistakes that I made when I was newbie.

common seo mistakes to avoid for google panda and penguin
Top 3 Common SEO Mistakes to avoid it urgently for Google panda or penguin penalties

Submit Sitemap to Google/Bing/Yahoo/Altavista/MSN Search Engines

Before, submission of your sitemaps to search engines, firstly, you should consider to submit your sit to search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, Bing & MSN. When you submit your site or blog to search engines, then search engines will start to index your sites When your sites indexed by search engines, it may take some search result ranking positions for your targeted keywords. The more you have quality content, the more rankings your site would get. Now, whenever you write new post to your blog, it doesn't mean that the search engines crawler will come up to your blog and it would index your blog post. The crawling rate is decided by the search engines. You have to wait for indexing the new content to search engines until the crawler reaches to your blog again. The one simple solution is submit your sitemap to major search engines by their webmaster tools so that whenever you published any article on your blog, they might be notify and index your article as soon as possible. Therefore, here is a guide to submit sitemap to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK, AOL, Altvista & Bing.

submit blogger sitemap to google, bing and yahoo


Submit Site/Blog to Google/Yahoo/Bing/Ask/AOL or Major Search Engines

Do you want to submit your site or blog to major search engines likes Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN? Here is a complete guide. Suppose, you have a website or blog of well structured and well designed having great quality content. In addition, You have also invested days to months for developing your websites, but if nobody knows your websites/blogs, you will have to accept that your website's value is nothing and the time you had spent for developing your websites or blogs, was useless. Many users use only multiple search engine submission to index their website or blog to 1000's of directories, which is not enough for the better indexing of your website, however, they might give you a guarantee for 100's of successfully submission over the web, but in that case you should admit it your website may not placed into the proper category that the website belongs to. Since it is an automatic submission, and they have already tons of requests. This type of submission also included major search engine submissions other than directories that have the categories feature to place a website into associated category. If you are new to blogging, I would highly recommend you to never ever use such types of services since it is an Google panda and penguin world. Many linkbacks toward to your website within a short period of time might harm to your website or blog. If you want to submit your website or blog to any directory, make sure to search its reputation on the web, since Google has already penalized so many directories on each panda & penguin ceremony (Google may enjoy it quarterly or half yearly!), I highly recommend you to stay away from these penalized directories, If the directories have good reputation on the web, you may consider to submit your website in those directories in the proper category. Yes, I knew it that the manual submission is very time consuming task but that is the time which will surely going to impact your invested time for developing your website and creating quality content in the future in positive way. Trust me!

how to submit websites to search engines like google, yahoo and bing
Google, Yahoo! and Bing Search Engine Submission for Blogs & Websites
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I have divided the major submissions into two parts,

  • Submit Site or Blog To Major Search Engines as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ASK, Altavista & Bing
  • Submit Sitemap To Major Search Engines as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ASK, Altavista & Bing.
  • Submit Site or Blog To Top Directories. (Coming soon! get update whenever I published via Email, don't forget to verify email address by going to your inbox. )

Add Different Meta Description Tags to Blogger Posts using Post Editor

Do you want to add different meta description on each post on Blogger? This post is all about the Blogger description and SEO i.e., how can meta description affects your search ranking? How to add meta tags on Blogger using blog post editor? We will discuss all those things in the following content. In WordPress blog, you can easily add meta description while writing your post, but in Blogger, you would not find any option to write the post description while writing your post in the default post editor. However, there is an option inside your Blogger dashboard to enable the search description option in your blog post editor. Once the option enabled, you can write the unique description while writing your post similar as on WordPress blog. You should also read top 3 basic SEO mistakes to avoid Google panda & penguin penalties from your blog.

different meta description and meta keywords in Blogger posts
Different Meta tags on Blogger for each posts

Remove HomePage Title from Blogger Posts - Swap Blogger Post Title

Do you want to remove the homepage title from your posts on Blogger? Do you want to just swap the order of post titles from the default 'homepage title | post title' to 'post title | homepage title'? The post title is an important tag in term of SEO. If you don't optimize your post titles, you'll lose the search traffic to your blog. If you are writing a post, you must take care about to choose the title of the current post because it is a first impression by which users make a decision to visit the page in the search engine's results. You must be included the targeted keywords to your blog post title. Keep in mind, don't use so many keywords in the title that will give the bad user experience as well as bad for search engines as a spam. The official Blogger templates are developed by 2007, and no update we have found till to date. Google has changed many algorithms to find out the better search results. The default Blogger templates are not SEO friendly with Google's algorithms so we have to take an action to our blog's SEO structure. This blog also hosted on Blogger, and we have made many changes to make this blog more SEO friendly for the search engines, i.e., on page optimization, off page optimization and SEO optimization for Blogger images. In this tutorial, we will discuss about the Blogger title. Therefore, here is a quick guide to remove Blogger homepage title from posts. Firstly, let we talk about the default Blogger titles.

how to remove blogger homepage title on post pages
Remove HomePage Title from Blogger Posts or Swap Title on Static Pages

SEO Optimization for Blogger Images without HTML Coding

Have you a Blogger blog? If yes, this post will guide you to optimize your images for SEO without using of HTML tags. If you optimize your post images for SEO, you can get the decent traffic from the search engine like Google. I had personally optimized our blog's images for SEO, and get the decent traffic from the images search. If you did not optimize your Blogger images for SEO, you are losing traffic to your blog. It is not a very difficult task. Just some clicks required, if you are using Blogger.
I recommend you to use at least one image on each post, and optimize that image for SEO targeted to your keywords, which is the best way to impress your readers as well as search engines. Keep in mind the difference between optimization and over optimization so don't use so many keywords in a post. Therefore, here is a quick guide to SEO optimization for your Blogger Images.

how to optimize blogger images for seo
SEO for Blogger Images

Change Blogger Static Page URL | Custom Permalink Blogger Pages

Hello Bloggers and visitors. I am writing this post after a long time. Come back again in Blogging. Recently I have added a static page on my blog, but I can't find any way to create my own permalink structure for the page. Blogger doesn't allow me to create own static page URL but Blogger pages allow. I have searched over the web as much as possible, but I didn't find any way to do this. In the search, there are so many methods to do it and I have done almost all the possibilities, but I could not change the Blogger static page URL, since, there are no old Blogger interface I have found on the Blogger dashboard.

change blogger static page url

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Why Google+ Is Important For SEO | Google Plus & Websites/Blogs

What is the importance of Google Plus in SEO for your websites or blogs? In this article, we will show the important factors to use Google+ that could improve SEO rankings for your websites. Instead of SEO, Google+ is also helpful for drive traffic to your blogs or websites which we will discuss in the following post. Google is promoting its new social platform Google plus. Google Plus is growing rapidly; gaining more followers than any other social network ever did in its early days. Adding Google plus to your website or marketing campaign helps to increase the traffic and ranking of your site in the search engines. Therefore, here is the importance of Google Plus in SEO rankings for blogs.

google plus importance for seo
Google+ Importance for Your Websites

How To Show Dofollow and Nofollow Links in Firefox, Google Chrome

Dofollow and Nofollow links both are the part of link building by which you can improve your SEO ranking of the websites or blogs. Between both types of links, the dofollow links are better than the nofollow links. Basically, if your site has a dofollow link from another site then this link would be a positive vote by that website owner to your website or blog. Major search engines follow the dofollow links, and Google count your dofollow links in the calculation of your PageRank. Therefore, you should be getting some quality dofollow links to your website for the SEO visibility on the web. If you are surfing over the WebPages you couldn't distinguish the type of links, which is dofollow or nofollow. You can easily detect the type of the links by a single click on Firefox or Google chrome browser by this method. Getting the dofollow links for your blog are not a very hard task in these days because there are so many blogs which allowed the author's comment section links as dofollow, and this type of blogs are called dofollow blogs. You have to distinguish the type of links in the comment section. If you see the author's link is dofollow, then you can comment over here with a linkback to your website. Please keep in mind, comment on quality blogs only or comment only on specific number of blogs otherwise Google will treat it as a spam, and penguin will eat your blog. You may read our latest article for common SEO mistakes to avoid Google panda & penguin penalties. Don't comment on that blog like "nice article, thank you so much ...". It would be better, read some amount of article, and then comment related to the article so that the approval of your comment would be higher by the website owner. You can also write a guest post on the high quality blogs, and in return you can get a link back to your own website. Therefore, here is how could you show the dofollow and nofollow links in the WebPages,

dofollow and nofollow links in Firefox and Google Chrome
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