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Send WhatsApp Messages to Non Contacts (Without Adding Contacts)

Do you want to send a WhatsApp message to someone whose number is not in your contact list? Officially, WhatsApp doesn't allow you to send any message to non contacts or without adding contact. In order to send messages to someone you have to add their mobile number first and then you will get this number under your WhatsApp contact by which you can easily send messages. However, there are few third party apps in Google play store that can easily bypass this and allow you to send WhatsApp messages without adding their contact to your phone. This app is only available for android for free but it is not available for iOS. This app is not only for sending messages to non contacts, you can use this app for scheduling your WhatsApp messages and also you can download your WhatsApp status stories easily. So, this app is all in one, you may try it at-least once. I am sure you will love it. Therefore, here is a quick guide to send WhatsApp messages without adding contacts.

how to send whatsapp messages without saving them

Save/Download WhatsApp Status/Stories Videos and Photos in Android Gallery

Do you want to save your friend's status videos or photos in your android gallery? If yes, this post is specially for you. In this post, we will not use any third party app to download WhatsApp status. However, there are dozens of applications exist in play store that lets you download your friend's status stories in your gallery. WhatsApp updates its application very frequently and recently they have added a new feature in their stories by which you can write with different font color and style along with colorful background. You can also use text formatting bold, italic or strikethrough in your WhatsApp conversation. WhatsApp doesn't allow you to use color text or different font style while chatting with your friends. If you are a regular reader of this blog you already knew it that how you can write color text or change font style in WhatsApp during contact's conversation.

Lets comeback to this post save WhatsApp status stories, we will just use file manager to browse the status videos and photos. WhatsApp doesn't want you to see your friend's stories videos and photos in your gallery so by default they have hidden this folder while making the app updates. We will just search the hidden folder and use it to copy friend's stories videos and photos and paste it to local storage then you will directly see it in your android gallery. Therefore, here is a quick guide to save WhatsApp status videos and photos.

how to save whatsapp status images and videos

Send Color Text WhatsApp Messages | Change Font Style In WhatsApp

Hello friends, today I am going to show you a cool trick by which you can easily send messages on WhatsApp with different text and color. Recently, WhatsApp has rolled out a new update and inserted a cool feature in their WhatsApp stories in which you can not only upload pictures or videos now you can write text with different font and style with colorful background which is an official feature. But, if you want to send your WhatsApp messages in different font style and different font color to a WhatsApp contact, there is no direct solution for it in official WhatsApp app. In this post, I have mentioned a cool trick, you can now easily change font style and color before sending messages to your WhatsApp contacts. You need to install an additional app in your android mobile which is less than 3 MB app so it will not take much higher size from your local storage. You can use this application without lagging. The best part of this app is now it is available for free. Therefore, here is a quick guide to send colorful text messages in WhatsApp.

how ot change font style and send colored whatsapp messages

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android Mobiles

Do you want to schedule your WhatsApp messages on your android mobiles? Do you often forget to wish your friends on their birthday? If yes, here is an easy way to set your time and date for your WhatsApp messages and recipient to send automatic messages. You don't need to wake up at 12 o'clock and send birthday messages to your friends. To scheduling WhatsApp messages you don't need to root your android devices, however few applications need rooted device to schedule your WhatsApp messages. The following app is not only scheduling your WhatsApp message, you can also schedule your Facebook status, email, SMS and even it can notify you for call to someone as notification. Overall this app is awesome, you will really love it. Therefore, here is a quick and step by step guide to schedule your WhatsApp message on your android Smartphone.

how to schedule your whatsapp messages on android

Funny WhatsApp Status 2017 | Top Funny Status Updates

Are you searching for funny WhatsApp status? Your search may end here for latest funny WhatsApp status for 2017. I have collected top funny status for WhatsApp that you can feel free to use that I am sharing in this post. WhatsApp is used by millions of peoples nowadays, and they also change their WhatsApp status day by day, but sometimes they don't have any idea what to update as their WhatsApp status. That's why, I have recently published cool WhatsApp Status for you. Everyone likes the funny photos, videos, thought and status. I hope, you like my collection of funny WhatsApp status and share this collection with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Google+.

WhatsApp Status funny in 2016


Cool WhatsApp Status 2017

Do you want cool WhatsApp status? Are you here to find out the best WhatsApp status for 2017? You are welcome to this page as I am going to share you a list of cool & best WhatsApp status that you can use as a status in your WhatsApp account. You may also like top funny WhatsApp status 2017 collection. If you are one of my social connections, you are more likely to know me as I am always sharing the stuffs that make my connections more engaging. That is why I followed by noticeable connections over social networks. You can look over my social accounts by the link mention in the following author box. My status updates are including shayaries, thoughts, inspiration, motivation and funny things. These things people feel cool. Absolutely, the first impression is the last, if you're using cool status along with your profile pic it impacts to everyone, and it may help you to improve your fans and followers in the social networks.

cool whatsapp status for 2016


Bold/Italic/Strikethrough Text for WhatsApp | WhatsApp Text Formatting

Do you want to use bold text in WhatsApp? Italic text in WhatsApp? Strikethrough text in WhatsApp? Or use any combination of these formatting in your WhatsApp text? If your answer is yes, this post is specially for you. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you already know that how you can use text formatting in Google+ and text formatting in Facebook.

Now, WhatsApp has finally revealed the text formatting for their users in the recent update but you cannot find it anywhere on WhatsApp that how you can make your text bold, italic or strikethrough. That's why this post is all about. If you want to make your text bold, italic or strikethrough in WhatsApp then you have to wrap your text with a special character, similar to using in Google+. For each different text formatting, you have to use a different special character. You can also read our recent published article to hide your WhatsApp images from gallery and how to write Hindi in WhatsApp.

using rich text bold, italic and strikethrough in WhatsApp messages

Hide WhatsApp Images/Photos & Videos from Gallery in Android / iPhone

Don't want to show your whatsapp photos or videos in your Smartphone gallery? Here is a quick guide, just follow the simple steps and your friend wouldn't be able to view your whatsapp folder in your android or iPhone mobile. Android mobile phones are booming these days that covers low budget phones to high budget phones. In returns, you may look almost everyone has Smartphones. As android or iOS users increasing, it is now very easy to connect with friends via social networks and messengers applications like Facebook messenger, whatsapp, line or hike. All the applications are free of cost that you can download from Google play store. Let we talk about messenger application, then whatsapp is one of the best and generally liked by everyone which is now own by Mr. Zuck.

how to hide whatsapp from gallery

WhatsApp: Write/Type Hindi on Android Mobile including Facebook

Have you an android mobile? Do you want to write/type in Hindi in WhatsApp or Facebook app on your android mobile phones? This post will guide you to do it in an easy way. Whatever you want to type in Hindi, just types the words in English which will change automatically into Hindi fonts. You can use it anywhere on the text area inside your android mobile. One thing I really like for using this application is you don't need to do anything for reverting back to English default keyboard. The app also have awesome English keyboard with different styles. Therefore, stop searching for "how to type in hindi in whatsapp", and proceed the steps to write your first FB status in Hindi in your Facebook application.

If you can read स्वागतम correctly on your android phone, you may further proceed to the following post, otherwise your android mobile may not support Devanagari script.

If you want to type कैसे हो जनाब, just type kaise ho janaab in English as you normally type, it will automatically be converted into Hindi. However, you can also change the keyboard's fonts to Hindi itself for typing in Hindi. If you type in Hindi by using tap on the Hindi fonts, you might not write in speedy mode. The generally users select the automatic conversion from English to Hindi. Therefore, here is quick guide to type Hindi on Android Mobile Phones including WhatsApp & Facebook app.

write in hindi on facebook & whatsapp
Type/Write in Hindi on WhatsApp & Facebook
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