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Black Friday 2017 | WordPress Hosting, Domains & Theme Deals!!!

24 November, 2017 is a special day or a start for holiday's fun. Finally black friday 2017 is here. The best time to purchase the things you need with great deals in this black friday. I bet, you cannot get the huge discount whole year than you can get in this black friday. I am considering the huge discounts on WordPress hosting, themes and domain names in this post. You can easily get up-to 50%, 60% or even 70% discounts on the regular prices in black friday (aka, thanksgiving day).

black friday 2017 deal for hosting domain name and wordpress themes

Install Genesis Framework and a Child Theme on WordPress

Do you want to install Genesis Framework and child theme to WordPress blog? If yes, then follow the step-by-step guide. If you do not have Genesis Framework and a child theme for your WordPress blog, then you can simply buy it. However, I have another offer you may grabbed a license of Genesis Framework and a child theme from us for free of cost by purchasing a hosting package from us. I consider, you have already hosted your WordPress blog to your hosting server, and you have Genesis Framework and a child theme to your desktop. Therefore, here is how to install Genesis Framework and a Child Theme on WordPress.

install genesis framework and child theme to WordPress

Buy Self Hosted WordPress Blog | Install WordPress To Bluehost

Do you want to install WordPress to Bluehost? Alternatively, purchase a self hosted WordPress blog? Introducing Bluehost, Bluehost is one of the best hosting service providers, and if you want to have a self hosted WordPress blog, then you do not need to be confuse about installing WordPress blog because Bluehost uses Simple Script, which is a one-click installer for WordPress blogs. Just you need to click two to three times, and self hosted WordPress blog ready to use. I am very much familiar with bluehost, and we will tell you the step-by-step guide with the latest and upgraded cPanel screen shots to install your first self hosted WordPress blog to bluehost. I have also included a video tutorial to install your first WordPress blog into your bluehost hosting account. Therefore, here is how to install WordPress blog to bluehost or buy self hosted WordPress blog.

how to buy a self hosted wordpress blog

Set Up Professional WordPress Blog | Start A Full Time Blogging

Do you want to become a professional blogger? Do you want to set up professional WordPress blog? Have you heard about WordPress blog? In this tutorial, I will show you the procedure to start a professional blog to become a full time blogger. Few words about WordPress, it is used by mostly all the professional bloggers around the world because of its SEO structure, clean WordPress themes, simple WordPress Plugins and easy to go without any coding requirement. Running a blog over WordPress, you have to purchase a hosting plan and a domain name. I will discuss all the things that require having a self hosted WordPress blog. However, to make a full time blogger or start a full time blogging, what requirements should be in you, check out the following steps.

how to setup a professional blog

How to Compress Image Size without Losing Quality

Do you want to compress or optimize your image's size without losing quality for your WordPress or Blogger posts? If yes, this post is specially for you to reduce your bandwidth and unwanted loading time. An image can express thousand of words at a time, you should use it. Using many images into your blog post may negatively impact on your page loading time due to the heavy image sizes. However, you can compress your image size with slightly changes in the image quality.  Therefore, here is a simple solution to compress image size without losing image quality. In addition, the compressed images can also help you to improve your SEO rankings.
The minimum loading time your WebPages have, the better ranking you will get.
compress image size without losing quality
Image Compressor for WordPress and Blogger
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