Top 5 RSS Readers for Android Mobiles

Do you want to install the best RSS Reader Application for your Android Devices? This post is all for those love and want to have feeds delivered from best RSS readers. Yup, I have a great list of RSS feed readers. There are some great android apps available in the android market store by which you may update with your favorite brands. The use of RSS readers is that there are lots of blogs and sites, which are not mobile optimized. Hence, in that case to catch information one needs RSS readers. Therefore, it's all here about the top RSS Readers for Android.

Best RSS Readers for Android

What is Android Rooting and Advantages of Rooting

Are you familiar to android? Have you heard about Android Rooting? Do you know the advantages of rooting? In this post, we will answer all these queries but before we start let me tell you that Rooting your Android Device will void the warranty of your device but you can get back the warranty after installing the factory firmware, the warranty of your device gets void because any outside changes to the Android Device Software is not against the warranty terms of the manufacturer.

why you should root your android devices

How to Share Internet Connection from Android Mobile to Desktop : USB Tethering

Do you have a data plan 2G/3G/4G in your Android mobile? Do you want to share your smartphone's internet connection with your personal computer via USB cable? If yes, this is a simple guide for your queries having step by step guide and screenshots. You may also share your smartphone's internet connection using Wifi-Hotspot which is a very common way.

In this tutorial, we are using USB tethering function to share internet connection from a smartphone to another device. You may read more about tethering function in android smart phones here. USB tethering might be helpful if you have a desktop without wifi card. Let's get started to connect your Android's internet connection with computer via USB tethering.

how to share internet connection using usb tethering

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