How to Post Photos/Images on Instagram from Windows Desktop

Do you want to post your photos on Instagram from your desktop? If yes, here is a little trick, just read this post. Officially, Instagram doesn't let you to post photos or videos from your desktop. Except posting photos and messaging you can do everything from your desktop. You can also use Instagram from your mobile browser but not from desktop browser. However, a little trick is required (by tweaking 'user agent setting') to transform your desktop browser into a mobile browser, and then you can post your photos from your Instagram account similar as on mobile browser. You don't need to do anything from your desktop browser, I have found an add-on for both chrome and Firefox browser that can do this on your finger tips. If you missed the recent post about Instagram, here it is delete search history in Instagram. Therefore, here is a simple solution for posting photos on Instagram from Windows Desktop.

how to post images from desktop to instagram

How to Delete/Clear Search History in Instagram

Do you want to delete your Instagram search history? If yes, just do the simple things as mention in this post which is a very easy task, but as a how-to guide I have to mention it. Instagram is one the best photo sharing site, and I also love it. You can easily find your friends and followers in your Instagram account by its easy to use search option. Similar like Facebook, Instagram also stored the search history you searched earlier in the app. When you or someone taps on the search option, your prior search history will be visible. If you don't want to show the prior search history, Instagram lets their users to delete it. Therefore, here is a quick guide to delete Instagram search history.

how to delete search history in instagram

Top 5 RSS Readers for Android Mobiles

Do you want to install the best RSS Reader Application for your Android Devices? This post is all for those love and want to have feeds delivered from best RSS readers. Yup, I have a great list of RSS feed readers. There are some great android apps available in the android market store by which you may update with your favorite brands. The use of RSS readers is that there are lots of blogs and sites, which are not mobile optimized. Hence, in that case to catch information one needs RSS readers. Therefore, it's all here about the top RSS Readers for Android.

Best RSS Readers for Android
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