How to Recover Facebook Account using Trusted Contacts

Have you heard about the trusted contacts in Facebook? If no, trusted contacts are the friends you are very close. Your trusted contacts are friends you chose who can securely help if you ever have trouble accessing your account. You can contact them offline (meet personally) or over your phone. Trusted contacts can help you to log into your Facebook account, if you have forgotten your password, without asking any security questions. Suppose that a hacker or your bad wisher hacked your account and then he/she remove your original email ID and your phone numbers then it is really hard to get back your account from the hacker. In that case, trusted contacts can help you easily without any trouble to recover your Facebook account so I recommend you to add trusted contacts in your Facebook account to secure your account for the rest of the life. In this article, we will guide you how to add trusted contacts in Facebook and how you can recover Facebook account using trusted contacts.

how to recover facebook account using your trusted contacts

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How to Add In-article Native Adsense ads in Blogger & WordPress Post

Have you heard about native ads? In-article ad is one of the best native ads inside Google adsense. If you want to view a live preview of in-article ads in Blogger posts, go to this link and look after the two paragraph. In-article ads are responsive so it is already optimize for desktop and smartphone users. I have seen positive impact on our adsense earning after implementing article ads in my blogger posts. Since, In-article ads are responsive and take the full width of your post container contained in the main content, the bidding rate from the advertisers will be high and you will get the best eCPM and CPC. Google adsense recommends you should add In-article ads after the two paragraph of the content which is also a proper place to add it. You may add this ad after the first paragraph of your content if you have sufficient content in to your first paragraph.

how to add in article ad in blogger


ADD All Friends to any Facebook Group at Once 2017

Hello friends! I am again back with a cool Facebook trick that lets you add all of your Facebook friends to any Facebook group in one click after invite all friends to like Facebook page at once 2017. You may also find the script on internet to add all of your friends to groups, but most of the scripts are not working because Facebook updates their website regularly. I recommend you don't use any script on your personal or promotional Facebook account as your account will be in high risk as scripts run over all your Facebook friends. We will use here, a browser extension that has the limit for your friends to be added in groups at once. Keep in mind, never use any tool or trick again and again at the same time otherwise your account will be locked. Try the tool or extension once and use it again after 24 hour for your account safety. Therefore, here is a cool trick to add all your Facebook friends in any group at once 2017.

how to add all facebook friends to group at once 2017

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