Add Instagram Tab on Facebook Pages | Show Instagram Feed in Facebook Page

Do you want to add your Instagram account into your Facebook fan pages? Do you want to show your Instagram feed in your Facebook page via an Instagram tab? Here is a quick and easy guide. In the last article, you learned how to add Twitter tab in Facebook pages. Once you add your Instagram account with your Facebook page, you may get additional followers to your Instagram account. Your Facebook fans can directly follow you on Instagram without leaving your Facebook page. The app will automatically sync Instagram feed into your Facebook pages. This Instagram tab also has different viewing mode such as thumbnail, quarter, small and normal. Your Facebook fans can view your Instagram photos inside your Facebook page and also they can like directly in the feed and also they can share your Instagram photos into their wall with 'share on your wall' option. Therefore, here is a quick guide to add Instagram tab on Facebook pages.

how to add instagram tab on facebook fan pages
Add Instagram Tab in Facebook Pages


Download Profile Photo Protected by Profile Picture Guard on Facebook

Do you want to download your friend's or anyone profile photo which is currently protected by Facebook profile picture guard? Facebook is more concern about their privacy and its user data, and currently they have launched privacy guard for profile picture since profile picture cannot be set privately, however you can make your profile picture not clickable. Anyone can see your Facebook profile picture no matter you have set it to only me. The solution for this issue is profile picture guard. Once you have added picture guard to your Facebook profile it will be covered by a blue guard. Users can see your full profile picture but they cannot download it as drag and drop function over the photo will also not work. However, there are still few ways by which you can save photos protected by profile picture guard on Facebook.

how to save picture protected by profile picture guard on facebook


Add Twitter Tab in Facebook Pages | Show Twitter Feed in Facebook

Do you want to show your twitter feed to your Facebook page? Do you want to add Twitter tab in your Facebook fan page? If yes, your search will be end here as I have mentioned a trick which is free of cost that will show your Twitter feed inside your Facebook page. If you are linking your Twitter account with your Facebook page, you may gain additional followers to your Twitter account. The fans of your Facebook page who are not your followers can also easily view your Twitter tab and they may follow your Twitter account directly from your Facebook page. After adding Twitter tab, your upcoming tweets will be automatically showed here on your Facebook page. You may also automatically post your tweets to your Facebook page or Facebook posts to Twitter, if you wish. You may view a live preview of Twitter tab in my Facebook Page Blogger & SEO Technology.

how to add twitter tab in facebook fan page
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