How to Keep Your Kids Safe on Facebook

Launched in 2004, Facebook took the world by storm. Currently Facebook has more than 900 million online active users and it’s filled with people from different countries, cultures and ethnicities. If your child is on Facebook, a portal that connects millions of people together than it’s your responsibility to keep an eye on them, make sure they don’t get involved in something dangerous and talk to strangers.

Safe your kids on facebook
Save your Kids on Facebook

Boost Up Your Sales/Improve Conversion Rate Using Social Media Tools

Do you want to boost up your sales with social media for your small business? Small businesses do not have the same resources as large companies to create a strong customer base and raise brand awareness. However, with the advent of social media, things are looking brighter for individual entrepreneurs. Here is what they can do using social media tools to boost up your sales & improve conversion rate that cost nothing to use.

how to boost up your sales by social media tools
Boost Your Sales By Social Media Tools

The Golden Rules of Video Marketing

Marketing has evolved drastically over the last decade. With the internet and video platforms on the internet (like Vimeo and YouTube) video marketing has become a very effective way to engage with customers.

However, if you’re going to invest in a video to market your business, you should know how to create a video that’s high-quality and as effective as possible. The marketing firm I work for often uses the following tips for impactful video marketing that gets traffic. Therefore, checkout the simple golden rules of video marketing.

top five rules of video marketing
Golden Rules of Video Marketing
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