Add Twitter Summary Card Meta Tags with Large Image to Blogger

Do you want to add Twitter cards meta tags to your Blogger blog? If yes, you are welcome to this page. The question is why do you need to have Twitter summary cards installed into your blogs? The simple answer is to drive more traffic to your blog. With Twitter cards, you can attach your blog post featured image, blog title, blog post description and post author in your tweets that will surely drive more traffic than before. Once you add Twitter card meta tags to your blogger, you'll see each tweets having your blog URL containing a big image along with other info of your blog. It will surely attract the visitors to click on your link, and in result you will get traffic to your blog.

adding Twitter meta tags in blogger

Create a Google+ Page | Google Plus Page for Blogger/Business

Do you want to create a Google+ page for your blog? If yes, here is a step by step guide to create a Google plus page for your business. Google+ page is basically similar as Facebook page. If you don't have a Facebook page, you may create a Facebook page for your blog. Google+ page has additional features that you can't get from your Facebook page, you can hangout with your fans followed by face-to-face-to-face talk. Honestly, this blog has fewer fans in Google+ page than the Facebook page, but Google+ page help us more to drive traffic to my blog than our Facebook page. You can also view the stats of your Google+ page, and your site analytic inside your Google plus page dashboard. You just need to have a Gmail account to create a Google+ page.

how to create google+ page for blogger


Create a Google+ Community | Google Plus Community for Blogs

Do you want to create a Google+ community for your business or blog? Here is a simple guide. The very first thing before creating a Google+ community is to know their features which are mention below. Why do you need a Google+ community, if you already have a Google+ page for your blog or business? The basic thing for Google+ page is to post your news followed by your business to your audience while in Google+ community your audience may ask something or create a discussion related to your blog or business. Google plus community in Google+ is similar like groups on Facebook. Google plus community has more advanced features in comparison to Facebook groups. You may have also an option to keep Google+ community public or private. You can also control who can find your community & ask for joining your community. If you select Google+ community private, you can also hide it from the Google+ searches. Before create a Google+ community, let's see community features in Google+.

how to create a google plus community
Create a Google+ Community | Photo
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