How to Add Onclick Smoking Effect on Blogger

Recently I have shared a cool Blogger widget for New Year using rocket firework decoration. I hope you liked it. If you don't have use this cool widget you may try it. In this post, I am sharing a cool mouse effect for your Blogger blog. Whenever your visitors will click on your post they will see a cool smoking effect, you can see a live preview of this onclick smoking effect in this page. If you like the smoke effect, you can use it on your Blogger blog. It will also give you a cool smoke effect when your visitors select any text over your Blogger posts. I hope you will like this Blogger widget. Therefore, here is a cool smoking effect widget for Blogger.

how to add smoke effect on blogger
Smoking Effect Widget for Blogger

Add Happy New Year 2017 Widget/Fireworks Decoration to Blogger

Hello to all of my readers and visitors of this blog. Wish you a very very Happy New Year 2017!! Hope you get what you want, and achieve your goal what you dream. Today, I am going to show you a cool widget for Blogger to show a New Year 2017 message to all of your visitors by the firework decoration using JavaScript. You can see a live preview for the firework decoration widget in this page. If you like it, you can add it to your Blogger blog to show a New Year 2017 celebration with your blog readers. You can use it in very easy way just copy and paste task with the following steps. Therefore, here is a simple way to add New Year 2017 widget/firework decoration on Blogger.
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add new year 2017 widget for blogger

How to Post / Upload Animated GIF Images on Facebook

Do you want to share or upload animated gif images to your Facebook status like others do? If yes, here in this article we will show you how to post an animated gif on Facebook. Animated GIF images are basically combined with images or a short video clips that play in a loop which can express something better than the normal images or text messages. You can also say to GIF image as the silent video clip that play in loop continuously. As we all know, an image can express thousands of words instantly so the animated GIF can express more than that.
You might be also seen the use of animated GIF images on other websites and it becomes popular these days. Many social media sites like Google+ and Twitter also using it directly via their upload media function but Facebook still doesn't allow to upload animated GIF images through the media upload function. However, You will have now choices to upload your animated GIF images to your Facebook account. Therefore, here is a simple way to post or upload animated GIF images on Facebook.

how to upload or post animated gif images on facebook
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