How to Add Animated Flying Twitter Bird Widget to Blogger

Do you want to add flying Twitter bird widget to your Blogger? If yes, this post is specially for you. Twitter is one of the most popular social networks by which we can drive decent traffic to our blog. The more active followers you have the more traffic you'll receive from Twitter. Therefore, you should also try to improve your Twitter followers. The best way to promote your Twitter profile is to add Twitter widgets to your own blog. There are many types of Twitter widgets available, but animated flying Twitter bird widget is different from all of them because it gives more attention to the Twitter promotion due to its animation. In returns, you'll get more tweets and Twitter followers.

add animated flying twitter bird to blogger

Stop/Disable/Turn-off Auto-Play Facebook Videos in Newsfeed

Have you noticed Facebook silently play videos in your Facebook newsfeed while you scroll down? Basically, Facebook has turned on auto play videos in their default mode for the desktop users. However, you can easily choose to set autoplay on or off for the Facebook videos showing in your newsfeed. Mobile users might set Facebook videos auto play function on for the WiFi connections only. If you have a limited 3G or 2G plans, auto play videos setting might hurt you as it will take much more data. I don't know why Facebook has enabled auto play 'on' for videos in newsfeed. Users are more likely to play videos that they are interested in, there is no guarantee that a user and his friends belong to the same interest so the case is also true for the shared videos. If you don't want to play Facebook videos automatically, here is a simple guide to turning off auto play Facebook videos for desktop & mobile users.

how to stop or turn off auto play facebook videos in newsfeed

Upload High Quality Images/Photos on Facebook w/ Compress

Facebook is a most popular social platform to share your voice and photos with your friends. Have you ever noticed the quality of the images you have uploaded on Facebook with the original photo? Is it slightly different from the original photo in terms of quality? The more photos shared on a server means the more space a server need. That is why, Facebook uses compression on the photos to save server's space. When you upload a photo on Facebook, it will automatically passing through a standard compressor mode that reduces the size of the images, and you'll get compressed slightly low quality images. Most of the websites have their own compression algorithm to save the space, however compression in Facebook is far better than any other websites.

share high quality images without compress on facebook
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