SEO Pack For Blogger | Best "Search Preferences" Settings for SEO

If you have ever used WordPress then I am sure you will be familiar with plugins such as "All in One SEO Pack" and "SEO by Yoast". Just you have to install one of these plugin into your WordPress blog, your blog will become SEO friendly. The most advantage of these plugins are writing SEO friendly content, creating different descriptions for each post, and also you can edit your robots.txt file. In Blogger, there were no options to do it earlier. Later, Google has decided to take Blogger more SEO friendly, and launched some features via "customize your search preferences" into the Blogger dashboard by which you can write different description for each post directly from your post editor. Other than search preferences, you can also make your blogger post more SEO friendly by using the extra features such as making your Blogger images SEO friendly you should use "alt" and "title" tags for your images and rel attribute to choose whether you want to make your external links nofollow or dofollow directly from your post editor. With the launch of SEO pack, Blogger has also added few functionality to dashboard by which you can now set "404 pages not found" message to your visitors. You can also redirect your broken links to any of the internal links of your blog inside your blogger dashboard. When you combine the entire feature I mentioned above, it will become as a SEO pack for Blogger. Therefore, here is how to make Blogger SEO friendly via Blogger SEO Pack.

seo pack for blogger and robots.txt files

How to Blog for International Audience

Are you using the full potential of your blog to reach readers around the world? If so, you need to keep those international readers coming back for more. With a little research and some tweaking of your blogging strategy, you can not only attract global traffic but turn it into repeat visits.

On the other hand, if you find your loyal readers are mostly English speakers from your home country, it's time to think bigger. Learn how to create and optimize blog content that reaches other countries, languages, and cultures. It's easier than you might think. Here is a quick guide to blog for international audience.

international audience and your blog
Drive International Audience to your Blog.

How to Add Adsense Page-level ads in Blogger

According to Google, page level ads are new and innovative way to monetize publisher's content. You can read more about the new page level ads by visiting above mentioned link. Similar as general adsense ads, you just need to place the same piece of ad code once in your page where you want to show page level ads. Adsense will automatically show the page level ads at optimal times when they are likely to perform well. Keep in mind, page level ads are mobile ads so it will only display to your mobile users and they don't count towards your three ads per page limit. Currently adsense offers two types of page level ads.
how to add page level ads in blogger
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